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Stick to Healthy life choices this Holiday

So with holidays just around the corner, we’ve officially entered into one of the most sought after and awaited festivals of India and you’ve guessed it right, it’s Diwali. Feasting and Festivities quite mark the trend for this festival. Also, like every year, Diwali comes with the whole barrage of sweets almost like a traditions and this is also known to contribute to the much unwanted ‘holiday weight’. It’s often easier pounding on oodles of weight while feeding into such gastronomical delights of sweets and feasts and thus it becomes even more imperative to watch out for the high risk weight gain which could prove fatal for your health and heart.


Restrict your sweets count- Be alert to not be over-indulgent with those sumptuous sweets made especially during this season. Restrict your sweets count to 3 a day to avoid being on the other side of the good health. This also helps check your calorie in control.


Walk a Mile- Just as a poet phrased this line, you should definitely walk if not a mile before you sleep. This helps boost up your metabolism when you finally sleep at night while accelerating the process of food digestion which requires uses the calories to burn food.


Indulge in a family bonding activity- Festivals are meant to knit the families closer together by providing a valid reason to meet and greet. So instead of being a lazy potato all day long, make viable plans for an activity to take place outside home. It need not be a lavish setting and a simple mall day out, or a picnic in the park will be perfect unwinding activities for retreat


Replace your heavy meals. Replace one of your principal ’heavy meals’ (Read High calorie food) with that of salads. Introduce this cheat meal in your regular intake of high calorie food to cut some slack to your digestion.


Fasting or Detox- Majority Dieticians and experts in Nutrition believe that fasting as well as detox helps clean your system and clears your bowel movement. More so, some even go on, at length to discuss the benefits of fasting as a regular way of diet for modern lifestyle and advocate for it as a normal practice for healthy lifestyle..

Let this Diwali be a healthier one! Surely you would be ready to adopt the above-mentioned habits to stay clear of the risk of cancer.

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CANCER-HEALER, a cancer therapy based on immune system invented by world renowed physician Dr. Krishna, has successfully treated almost 3200 patients in last few years. CANCER -HEALER is a life-saver for most cancer patients.

Why CANCER_HEALER therapy is the best?
  • Relief from hair loss, infections, pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea. weight loss, mouthsores and loss of appetite.
  • Normal cells are taken care of properly. Whereas Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy have high probability of killing normal cells in addition to cancer cells
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