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Stages and Treatment of Gallbladder Cancer

28 Mar 20180
  Cancer staging is the process of determining the extent to which a cancer has developed. It is a way of describing where the cancer is located or has spread or whether it...

Combatting Bile Duct Cancer. Read here!

23 Mar 20180
Bile Duct Cancer is a rare cancer. The bile ducts are a series of tubes which transports the digestive juices called bile from your liver to the gallbladder. From the gallbladder, ducts carry bi...

All you need to know About Anal Cancer Treatment

20 Mar 20180
Anal cancer is rare malignancy that starts in the anus - the opening at the end of the rectum. Who gets Anal Cancer? Most of the anal cancers are diagnosed...

Bladder Cancer - Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

16 Mar 20180
  What is bladder cancer?   Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers. It occurs in men more frequently than in w...

5 Tips to Avoid Colon Cancer

07 Mar 20180
  Colon cancer does not receive the same attention as some of the higher profile cancers, but it should. It is the third most common cancer with over a million men and wome...

Lung Cancer and Its Screening

22 Feb 20180
  What is Lung Cancer?   Lung cancer is an uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells that start in one or both the lungs...

Alcohol Increases the Risk of Cancer - Know how!

19 Feb 20180
  Research suggests that alcohol is connected to more than 5% of cancer diagnoses around the world. This includes ...

Thyroid Cancer: 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For - Causes and Treatment

14 Feb 20180
Thyroid cancer is a rare cancer which is more prevalent in women than in men. It occurs when the cells of the thyroid gland grow uncontrollably to form tumours. The developments can be seen in...

The dilemma of Stage 1 Breast Cancer

31 Jan 20180
The stages of breast cancer are really the ‘extent’ of the breast cancer. So in order to choose and begin the best cancer treatment it is important to ‘stage’ the breas...

Lifestyle Changes to Combat Cancer

30 Jan 20180
Researchers believe that one-third to one-half of all cancers can be prevented. Prevention, awareness and lifestyle changes have become significant tools to fight to end cancer and start knowi...
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