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10 Healthy Tips For Cancer Patients

10 Healthy Tips For Cancer Patients
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

10  Healthy Tips For Cancer  Patients

Cancer is a condition where body’s cells grow uncontrollably and destroy healthy tissues. During cancer, the patient often causes side effects such as vomiting, nausea, changes in taste buds that make them difficult to eat.

Cancer patients should follow a well balanced nutritious diet.

Follow these dietary tips to help you get the nutrition you need:

1. Diet should be filled with fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

2. Diets high in fat could promote tumor growth in cancer patient so the patient should follow low-fat high protein cancer diet.

3. Extra protein is required to repair and rebuild tissues which are affected by cancer therapy and to maintain a healthy immune system. Some protein-rich foods are Milk and milk products- fresh curd and paneer, chicken, eggs, fish, soybeans, rajmah/chole, dal etc.

4. It is important to know the protein requirement of a cancer patient, which depends on the type of cancer patient is suffering with. Extra care should be taken during kidney disease.

5. Eat small, frequent meals that help to digest the food properly and increase the metabolism because cancer patients complain frequently of decreased ability to eat caused by decrease production of gastric secretion.

6. If the patient doesn’t like the taste of water, then opt for some liquid alternatives such as coconut water, lemon water, soups, buttermilk, fruit shakes etc.

7. Add seasonings to flavor the anti cancer foods such as garlic, ginger, oregano.

8. To enhance the flavor of tea, add green cardamom, ginger and tulsi leaves.

9. It is advisable to take 8-12 glasses of fluids every day to prevent dehydration as patient suffers diarrhea and vomiting. Extra care should be taken during ascents.

10. Include green tea once or twice in a day, which helps to remove toxins from the body and helps to fight against cancer.

12 Dec, 2017
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