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5 Things You Need to Do Immediately after Diagnosed with Cancer!

5 Things You Need to Do Immediately after Diagnosed with Cancer!
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

If you, or a loved one are newly diagnosed, following the steps below can make a huge difference as you begin the cancer journey -

  1. Find the best cancer doctor - The journey of cancer is long and arduous so it calls to have a compassionate doctor by the side. Find best cancer doctor in India who will listen to you, treat you as a fellow human being and never make you feel small about even the smallest worries. Qualification and experience is important. You don’t have to choose between smart and nice - you deserve smart and nice.
  2. Buy a notebook and carry it with you everywhere - One of the hardest things about cancer is losing control. As it is not possible to memorise everything, write down the key points such as what tests you have and where, what the cancer doctor says, what the nurse advises and all the appointments. You do not have to obsess over detail but in an era of fragmented care, it is invaluable to have information at the fingertips.
  3. Say NO to unwanted advice - A very common concern for cancer patients is unwanted advice. You know what everyone means but it is fine to say NO to unwanted device. Knowing someone with cancer evokes a myriad feelings in onlookers - sympathy, fear, and guilt to name a few. The best cancer hospitals say it is not our job to deal with these emotion. The job is to be kind to yourself and allow yourself time and quiet to make sense of whatever lies ahead.
  4. Ask to be screened or talk to someone about emotional and social distress - Please note that a feeling of diagnosis can raise many personal issues such as feeling depressed, anxious and scared. These feelings are normal to be experienced by cancer patients. A small distress questionnaire and a discussion with a professional such as a navigator can help with your concerns and connect you to helpful resources and support. Whether you are looking for information on how to talk to your kids, challenges at work, information about financial and insurance concerns, or are just looking for someone to talk to about the stress cancer has brought into your life, help is available.
  5. Ask about the risks and benefits of cancer treatment -
  • How well has treatment been shown to work in my type of cancer?
  • What are the potential side effects of the treatment and how are they prevented or managed?
  • How will the treatment be given?
  • How often will the cancer treatment be given?
  • How much will my insurance pay for the treatment and all of the surrounding care and how much will I have to pay myself?

Have more questions? Cancer Healer Center is here to help!!

28 Sep, 2018
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