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A Comprehensive and Personalized Treatment for Lung Cancer

A Comprehensive and Personalized Treatment for Lung Cancer
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Posted in: Lung Cancer by Cancer Healer

A complicated disease such as lung cancer requires a personalized approach according to an individual’s specific needs.

Lung cancer affects a person’s ability to breath and the ability of the lungs to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. Along with this, it may impact the body in a number of other ways. While in early stages a patient may experience no symptoms, when it spreads it causes shortness of breath, nausea, weight loss and other complications.

At Cancer Healer Center, there is not one single approach to treatment of the disease, rather every treatment is designed to meet a patient’s specific needs. It is a renowned lung cancer treatment center where recent advances have led to new treatments and approaches, including immunotherapy drugs and targeted therapies.

The treatment not only fights cancer, but also restores the body’s ability to eliminate cancer cells in future. Different lines of treatments are decided after evaluating the patient’s reports, based on the size, spread and type of tumor.

Make an educated decision about your care plan by exploring options about advanced treatments along with the questions you need to ask your doctor.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of the disease can take years to develop and may not appear until the disease is advanced. The symptoms may include:

• Persistent and intense coughing

• Pain in the chest, back or shoulder

• A change in the color of sputum

• Change in voice

• Shortness of breath

• Unexplained weight loss along with loss of appetite

• Fatigue

• Headaches, joint or bone pain

• Neurological symptoms such as memory loss or unsteady gait

• Bleeding

• Blood clots

Diagnosing Lung Cancer

If lung cancer is suspected through screening procedures such as CT, MRI or PET scan, a small tissue from the lung is examined for cancer cells. The procedure is called biopsy and is performed in different ways. In some cases, a needle is passed through the lungs and a small piece of tissue is removed – the procedure being called needle biopsy.

Another procedure of biopsy is bronchoscopy, in which the patient is under sedation and the doctor inserts a tube through the mouth into the lungs. The tube has a surgical instrument, small camera and light in the end, which allows the doctor to see inside and remove a small tissue sample.

If the tissue sample is found to have cancer cells, a genetic test is performed. The information obtained through the procedure enables doctors to choose the right treatment.

For more information on lung cancer, please consult one of the best lung cancer hospitals in India - Cancer Healer Center.

14 Apr, 2017
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