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Cervical Cancer From Diagnosis to Recovery

Cervical Cancer From Diagnosis to Recovery
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Also, known as ‘cancer of cervix’, is the second most common type of cancer in women. Abnormal cells grow to develop around the organ and at times spread to other parts of the body. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of cervical cancer, which accounts for 70 to 80 percent, of the occurrence of the disease. The occurrence of the disease has been linked to HPV infection.

Cervical Cancer treatments are most effective when the inception of disease is identified in early stages. It's better to be informed about the symptoms and be cautioned about the disease. But there’s nothing to worry as the all types of cervical cancer is treatable.

Let’s know more about the path of recovery: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.


Diagnosis of the type of cancer is based on certain specific signs & symptoms. Note that at times, symptoms are not enough to make the correct diagnosis and at those times a doctor recommends patient to undergo certain tests to make the correct diagnosis.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

1) Unaccounted Weight loss

2) Fatigue

3) Vaginal Bleeding

4) Pelvic Pain

5) Back pain

6) Leg pain or swelling

7) Leakage of urine or feces from the vagina

8) Bone fractures

Detection Tests

The intensity of the cancer is recognized using certain detection tests after a detailed physical examination of the organ. A doctor recommends patient to undergo one (or more) out of these tests to precisely know about the stage, spread, and intensity of the tumor in the cervix.

Pap Smear Tests – An advanced test that’s potential to give an idea about the disease before its actual occurrence.

Imaging Tests – tests are conducted using x-rays, and magnetic waves to obtain internal pictures. Gives an idea about the spread of the disease

Biopsies – it is done by removing a part affected by the disease and by examining it under a microscope. 

Treatment Methods

Surgery (Hysterectomy)– Early stage treatment, where part of the cervix affected by the disease is extracted out of the body.

Chemotherapy – Drugs like cisplatin or carboplatin, paclitaxel (Taxol), gemcitabine (Gemzar), or topotecan are used to treat cancer.

Radiation Therapy- Internal radiation therapies are used to kill the cancer cells in the body.

A Prolific Advanced Treatment: Immunotherapy

Immune- based treatments have gained prominence for a cervical cancer cure. Patients with cervical cancer have been successfully cured of the disease using immunotherapy techniques like Adoptive cell transfer and with specific immune enhancer drugs.

Cancer Healer Center is a leading cancer care center in India that uses immunotherapy drugs for cervical cancer treatment in India. These treatments are advanced and completely risk-free. They have been commendable in bringing successful recoveries for cervical cancer patients.

To know more about immunotherapy treatment for Cervical Cancer, consult Cancer Healer Center.

14 Feb, 2017
  • Suchita   Apr 10, 1 year ago

    Is squamous cancer is curable even its spread in glands and reach mear about 4:8 .plz help

    • Cancer Healer Center   Apr 12, 1 year ago

      Yes, cases of Squamous Carcinoma are treated by us. Our Immunotherapy treatment bring hopes of recovery even in advance stage cancer where spread is seen. However, to guide effectively we need to evaluate the complete case. So you can share the reports at or you can speak to us directly at 011-42919191

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