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Some Unknown Facts About Liver Cancer Treatment

Some Unknown Facts About Liver Cancer Treatment
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While we pray that no one ever gets affected by liver cancer, we can’t ignore the likelihood of this disease and a little knowledge about its treatment is necessary. Read on to know some basics of liver cancer treatment.

Had cancer been just like a common flu, lives of both doctors and patients would have been a lot easier, but unfortunately it is not. It is one of the biggest bullies among diseases and needless to say, fatal in prolonged absence of a cure.

Unlike most diseases, cancer has a tendency to develop on multiple organs of the human body, and thus is classified into different types such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. Fortunately, medical practitioners have come up with several innovative therapies for different types and stages of cancer today. The discussion here, is fixated on liver cancer.

Recent advancements in medical science have paved the way for better methodologies for liver cancer treatment in India, Doctors in reputed hospitals can now handle almost any case of liver cancer and are also doing further research on the same. While it is a medical practitioner’s job to find a better cure for liver cancer, other people are also obliged to learn more about the disease as well as the ways to steer clear of it. Furthermore, they need to have a basic idea about the treatment one will be given in case he/she is diagnosed with the same.

Here is what happens after one’s diagnosis at a liver cancer hospital:

  • Treatment plan for liver cancer involves several factors, the stage of the disease being the most crucial among them. Doctors determine the same and thoroughly analyze the health condition of the liver. 
  • Analysis of the liver reveals a lot, such as side-effects of treatment, relieving symptoms and the likelihood of success. Based on these aspects and some other factors such as age , doctors select the most suitable one among the treatment options which include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, surgery, tumor ablation and tumor embolization.

Depending on the type of treatment chosen, a doctor is assigned to the patient. He/she can be a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist or gastroenterologist. Needless to say, the former three are associated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy respectively, and the latter handles issues related to the digestive system which include liver cancer as well.

23 Nov, 2016
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