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Treatment Options for Throat Cancer

Treatment Options for Throat Cancer
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It’s a new era in medical sciences, where technology has filled the gap and brought innovative options for throat cancer treatment. We have innumerable advance treatments that have resulted in recoveries. And, some of these treatments are completely painless and risk-free(immunotherapy).

Let’s know more about them:

First: Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Based on different sign and symptoms, and with the use of imagining MRI, and other detection technology, a doctor diagnoses the extent and type of cancer. Few common throat cancer symptoms are as follows:

1) Difficulty swallowing, also known as dysphagia. 

2) Changes in your voice.

3) A sore throat.

4) Unexplainable weight loss.

5) Swelling of the eyes, jaw, throat or neck.

6) Bleeding in the mouth or through the nose.

7) A chronic cough.

Throat Cancer Treatments

Treatment options vary for different patients based on age and stage of cancer, patient history. There are two common types of throat cancer- Squamous cell carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma. Both can be treated effectively by:

1) Surgery

2) Radiation Therapy

3) Chemotherapy

4) Immunotherapy


Surgery is a treatment that involves the removal of part or whole of the organ affected by cancer. There are four common types of surgeries for throat cancer:

Minimally invasive or Endoscopic surgery: Removal of tumor through the mouth, without affecting speech, swallow and other throat functions.

Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM): Application of flexible and hollow-core fiber to transmits CO2 laser energy, which enables surgeons to operate easily in unreachable areas.

Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS): Robotic-assisted surgery.

Supracricoid Partial Laryngectomy: Vocal cords and thyroid cartilage are removed to treat cancer.


A therapy used to shrink the size or kill the tumor using different drugs. It is an advanced treatment, which may result in few side effects like weight & hair loss. Drugs like abitrexate (methotrexate), blenoxane (bleomycin), bleomycin, cetuximab, and docetaxel are commonly used in chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer.

Radiation Therapy

The therapy includes the application of high-intensity radiations, specifically directed towards the organ affected with cancer. Radiation therapy is a remarkable technology to kill cancer cells without damaging other parts of the body.

Radiation therapy types:

Brachytherapy: Tiny radioactive seeds are placed in the body close to the tumor.

3D-conformal radiation therapy: Several radiation beams are given in the exact shape of the tumor.

Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT): Treatment tailored according to the shape of the tumor.


An advanced therapy, where specific drugs are either injected into the blood stream or taken orally to bring an immune system response against malignant cancer cells. The therapy is very effective in targeting and initiating an antibody response, which stops the growth of cancer cells in the body. The best part about the treatment is that it’s completely risk-risk free with no side effects.

Cancer Healer Center is a leading cancer care hospital that treats patients through immunotherapy. Their cancer immunotherapy is the most viable option for throat cancer treatment in India.

To know more about immunotherapy or throat cancer treatment, consult Cancer Healer Center

25 Jan, 2017
  • amritpal singh   Feb 23, 1 year ago

    please tell us estimate of cost for treatment of 4th stage throat cancer and percentage of recovery from this treatment in stage 4.

    • Cancer Healer Center   Mar 01, 1 year ago

      Cases of Stage 4 Throat cancer are treated by us. Patients responded greatly and shown good results. To guide about the advisable treatment, we need to evaluate the complete case. So either, you can speak to us at 011-42919191 or you can share the reports at

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