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Which Treatment to Go for Different Colon Cancer Stages (1-4)?

Which Treatment to Go for Different Colon Cancer Stages (1-4)?
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Posted in: Colon Cancer by Cancer Healer

Cancer that occurs in the colon, the rectum located at the lower end of the intestinal area is known as colon cancer. Tumor cells (adenomatous polyps) originate at the inner wall of large intestines and these polyps abruptly damage the healthy cells in the body.

A patient diagnosed with colon cancer observes severe pains in abdominal area and complications in extracting waste materials out of the body.

Colon cancer treatment works the best when the cancer is diagnosed at early stages (0-2). Therefore, it is advised to keep a check on its symptoms.

Colon Cancer Symptoms

1) Changes in Stool

2) Diarrhea or constipation

3) Narrow stools

4) Rectal bleeding

5) Blood in stool

6) Pain in Bowel Movement

7) Pain in Abdomen Area

8) Weakness or fatigue

9) Unaccounted weight loss

10) Irritable bowel syndrome

11) Anemia (Iron Deficiency)

Treatment options differ with different patients. It depends on the complications, extent of spread, and age of the patient for a cure to work for colon cancer.

Read about the colon cancer treatment based on different stages below:

Stage 1: When the Cancer has just incepted.

This is the stage when a person observes one out of the above mentioned syptoms and the doctor runs detection test to find the first stage of colon cancer. In 1st stage, the abnormal cells are restricted to colon area and therefore, surgery is the best advised and suitable treatment.

Stage 2: The Cancer is still in initial stages.

In this stage, the intensity and occurrence of the above-mentioned symptoms have increases and a patient observes frequent pains in the abdomen area. Surgery along with other treatment options like Radiotherapy is best suitable for 2nd stage patients.

Stage 3: Cancer has started spreading to other body parts.

Cancer cells start spreading to adjacent body parts and chemotherapy is the best treatment for 3rd stage cancer patients.

Stage 4: Cancer has already spread to other body parts.

This stage is critical and requires a blend of different treatments for recovery. Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery, along with immunotherapy is highly recommended for final stage cancer treatments.

Reoccurrence of the disease is another problem for patients in the 4th stage.

Cancer Healer’s Immunotherapy – For all stages of colon cancer

Immunotherapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses immune cell response to bring recovery from all stages of cancer. Cancer healer center is the leading cancer care hospital in India, which provides immunotherapy for colon cancer and all other cancer types.

For further details, consult Cancer Healer Center.

14 Mar, 2017
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