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Can Women have Prostate Cancer Too?

Can Women have Prostate Cancer Too?
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Posted in: Prostate Cancer by Cancer Healer

Most people don’t know about the functions of Prostate. It helps in making & storing seminal fluid. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men but can often be treated successfully.

Women don’t have a prostate gland. Skene’s glands or Skene’s ducts which are small glands on the front side of the vagina & corresponding ducts may be referred to as Female prostate that may function similarly to a man’s prostate. Does that mean women can’t have Prostate Cancer? That answer is ‘No,' though the prostate cancer is rare in the females.

What symptoms reflect that there is a problem in the female prostate?

Since prostate cancer is rare in women, that is why identifying the signs of prostate cancer might be difficult. But if you notice blood coming out of your urethra, it is important for you to visit a doctor because that may be a symptom. Other symptoms may include painful or frequent urination, blood in urine, painful ejaculation, abnormal menstrual cycle, or sudden changes in your menstrual cycle, the feeling of pressure behind the pubic bones, etc.

It’s always better to visit a doctor if you notice any abnormal symptoms, especially if they reappear. Early diagnosis can help in speedy recovery.

Prostate cancer always spread to the bones first; then it spreads to other parts of the body. When cancer spreads to the bones, it forms bone metastasis, which can be painful & can cause other problems as well such as fractures or high blood calcium levels that can be dangerous.

Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment

There are a few options available for prostate cancer treatment, however out of those, immunotherapy is risk-free. Cancer Healer Center in India offers immunotherapy treatment for prostate cancer, which is an advanced treatment in which a patient’s immune system is boosted for the task of targeting & destroying cancer cells present in the body. Many patients have successfully recovered from prostate cancer through immunotherapy, and today it has become the most preferred treatment for this cancer type.

More information on prostate cancer, consult Cancer Healer Center.

24 Jul, 2017
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