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Combatting Bile Duct Cancer. Read here!

Combatting Bile Duct Cancer. Read here!
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Posted in: Bile Duct Cancer Treatment by Cancer Healer

Bile Duct Cancer is a rare cancer. The bile ducts are a series of tubes which transports the digestive juices called bile from your liver to the gallbladder. From the gallbladder, ducts carry bile to your gut where it helps to break down fats in the foods you eat. Mostly, the cancers develops in parts that lie outside the liver.

Types of Bile Duct Cancer

Cancers can form in any part of the bile duct system and classified in 3 types -

1. Intrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer - These develop inside the smaller bile duct branches inside the liver.
2. Perihilar Bile Duct Cancer - These develop at the hilum.
3. Distal Bile Duct Cancer - These develop are found further down the bile duct, closer to the small intestine.

Signs of bile duct cancer are -

1. Intense itching of the skin
2. Fatigue / Tiredness
3. Yellowing of the skin and whitening of the eyes
4. White coloured stools
5. Abdominal pain
6. Weight loss

Bile Duct Cancer Treatment

After the cancer is found and staged, your cancer care team discusses your Bile Duct Cancer Treatment options with you. The most common factors to be considered are :

Location and extent of the caner
Possible side effects of the treatment
Overall health
Whether the cancer can be removed by surgery
The chances of curing the disease, extending life and relieving symptoms

Are you searching for trusted and effective bile duct cancer treatment centres? If yes, Cancer Healer Center might heed as a good option. The doctors are supported by standardised care protocols which help offers consistent patient care and follow a common treatment plan for a given illness. Our doctors are trained with the latest techniques across various specialities and have implemented best practices.

For resectable cancers, the type of operation depends on the location of cancer. For people with unresectable tumours, our team at Cancer Healer Center will discuss a variety of innovative bile duct cancer treatment options. The main types of Bile Duct Cancer Treatment are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and palliative therapy.

23 Mar, 2018
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Combatting Bile Duct Cancer. R

Bile Duct Cancer is a rare cancer....

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