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Five Exercise Myths Busted

Five Exercise Myths Busted
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Exercise is an integral part of life. Regular exercise could help you get rid of a plethora of diseases and health complications. In fact, there are certain types of cancer that affect people who are not regular in stretching their muscles. But certain “Gym-Talks” have led to the birth of exercise myths. Let’s bust them one by one.

1.  Exercise can replace a bad diet: According to a senior exercise physiologist, Carol Harrison, exercise does not make up for a bad diet. Nutrition and diet play a significant role in the management of weight and prevention of cancer. Therefore, it is advised not to treat exercise as a replacement of unhealthy foods.

2.  Spending hours in the gym is good for health: Whether you exercise at the gym or at your own home, the benefits will be same. The key is to exercise smarter and not longer. One should target for at least 150 minutes of physical activity to reduce the risk of cancer. It may include brisk walking, slow swimming, cycling, running, etc.

3.  Stretch before exercising: Stretching helps in reducing stress, muscle tension and improving blood circulation. Therefore, it is advised to stretch after the exercise when the muscles are warm. After-stretching improves flexibility and helps you maintain healthy motion in joints.

4.  Fat burn can be targeted: During exercise, your body will burn fat from anywhere irrespective of the part you are working the most. Hence, one cannot control the part that needs more fat burning.

5.  Crunches are the best: Crunches are least effective because they don’t help the body get rid of the belly fat, which increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain other cancers. Cardio exercise is rather effective in cutting the belly fat.

09 Jan, 2016
  • Craig   Jan 10, 2 years ago

    Hi. You mention the target: Exercise for 150 minutes. Is that is a daily target? I exercise 45-60 monutes, 4 times a week, approximately 180 minutes per week. Too little?

    • Cancer Healer Center   Jan 11, 2 years ago

      Hi Craig,

      We truly appreciate your daily exercise routine. We aim to promote physical exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Since you are undertaking physical exercise daily, the time limit is not a big concern. We truly hope that you will maintain the same habit.

      We wish you a very good health.

      Thanks and Regard
      Cancer Healer Team

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