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How effective is immunotherapy cancer treatment? Know Now!

How effective is immunotherapy cancer treatment? Know Now!
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Immunotherapy, where the doctors attempt to get the body’s immune system to attack malignant tumours, is gradually gaining around in cancer treatment. A number of immunotherapy drugs are already used in the cancer treatment and even more awaits the results of the latest clinical tests. The recent availability of the drugs has changed how we treat patients. But what does immunotherapy really mean for the patients? How do we what to choose? When to prescribe it? Who to prescribe? Here are a few questions to know about immunotherapy cancer treatment when you talk with your doctor.  
How doctors use immunotherapy?
Immunotherapy cancer treatment is a new treatment compared with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. It works better on some forms of the disease and is approved to treat some cancers. Depending on your cancer type, you might need immunotherapy. 
1. WIth or after another treatment such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. 
2. As a first treatment. 
3. As part of a clinical trial if other treatments have not worked and cancer has spread
Should I use immunotherapy? - This treatment is not meant for anyone. It does not work for everyone and has stopped your cancer from growing and you might not need it. Ask your doctors if any trials are testing out new immunotherapy treatments for your cancer type. Look into a few questions to decide if immunotherapy is right for you or not -
1. Are any immunotherapy treatments approved for cancer?
2. Are any clinical trials testing these treatments for my cancer?
3. How will it help your cancer?
4. Will I get it alone or with other treatments?
5. How will I get it?
6. How often do I need it?
7. What are the side effects?
8. How long do I need to take it for?
Make sure you understand how immunotherapy cancer treatment helps you and what side effects it can cause before you start the treatment.
How effective is immunotherapy cancer treatment? Know Now!
30 Jan, 2018
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