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Immunotherapy May Help Treat Brain Cancer

Immunotherapy May Help Treat Brain Cancer
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Posted in: Cancer by cancerhealercenter

Cancer Healer Center excels in Immunotherapy that involves encouraging the human body’s own immune system to recognise and destroy cancer cells in the organ. Cancer in the brain is most gruesome. Many a time aggressive surgery, radiation as well as  chemotherapy are unsuccessful in improving the patient’s condition. The treatment can be more fatal that fruitful for some. Experts are of the opinion that Immunotherapy may be a holistic treatment option for brain cancer especially if investigated early. Malignant tumour in the brain is renowned upon because treatment of brain cancer is considered challenging. This is because the regulatory T-cells accumulate in brain tumours and suppress an immune attack. Researchers from the Institute of Experimental Immunology at The University of Zurich have now successfully been able to stimulate the body's own immune system in such a way that it recognised and then destroyed the brain cancer cells even in advanced stages of the disease. This puts Immunotherapy under positive limelight. (The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.) It was also established that Immunotherapy works with efficacy if tumour in the brain is at advanced stages. Although the studies were performed on animals but experts are quite excited about the results.


Immunotherapy has no side-effects as compared to other most of the therapies used for cancer treatment. The treatment is less invasive and also cost-effective. If a patient’s comfort level can be increased by reducing the discomfort of chemo and radiation therapy, half of the wellbeing quotient will be improved. Doctors look forward to improving the life condition and span of every cancer patient and Immunotherapy is the latest ray of hope. Such investigations convince doctors to confidently aim for treating their cancer patients with Immunotherapy offering best results. Cancer Healer Center is dedicated in treating patient’s with cancer in all stages and convinces each care giver, that Immunotherapy is safe, holistic and financially viable.

29 Nov, 2013
  • suchitra   Jun 10, 4 years ago

    Thaks millions for educating us...grateful enough:)

  • bhuwan bhalla   Jun 09, 4 years ago

    Looking forwad to learn and fight better against cancers

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