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Obesity and Cancer – Are they related?

Obesity and Cancer – Are they related?
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Our fast lifestyle which includes stress and pressure at every moment has shifted our focus from a healthy diet plan. As a result of this fast paced life we all have replaced fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients with fast or junk food. This transformation has diminished the health of our body in many ways by affecting our body with many diseases. One of them is Obesity. The Irregular and unhealthy diet has added fat to our body and the lack of physical exercise has acted as an icing on the cake in degrading our body.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition of body in which a person has high and unhealthy proportion of fat.

What type of cancer is caused by Obesity?

Not one or two but almost under 8 cancer types Obesity has been mentioned as the cause. The cancer which are caused by obesity are Esophagus, Pancreas, Endometrium, Thyroid, Gallbladder, Kidney, breast and colon cancer.

So how are Obesity and Cancer related?

The fat tissues produce in the body an excess amount of estrogen which could bring a person on the verge of developing breast and endometrial cancer. A high level of insulin is found in fat people, this is a condition which is also known as hyperinsulinemia or in simple terms insulin resistance, which could lead to development of certain type of tumors.

The fat cells in a person’s body also produces a hormone called adipokines. These hormones perhaps stimulate or inhibit the growth of cells. Leptin, for instance, is a hormone which is present in large quantity in obese people. It multiplies the cells at a very high speed which is more than usual. Other such hormorne is adiponectin which is less in quantity in the body and may have antiproliferative effects that means it reduces the speed of cell multiplication.

Also, it is found in majority of obese people that they have chronic low-level which is associated with an increased cancer risk.

So what all remedies are available?

The obvious remedy which is available is to reduce the weight. There is increasing evidence that reduction in weight may reduce the risk of thyroid cancer, breast cancer after menopause, prostate as well as other forms of cancer too.

21 Sep, 2015
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