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Should A Women Worry About Menopause Age?

Should A Women Worry About Menopause Age?
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Posted in: Ovarian Cancer by Cancer Healer

All women will eventually experience menopause in her life when her period stops. Menopause is broadly defined as the point when women have their last period. Menopause indicates the end of women's reproductive cycle (menstruation and fertility) at her late age.

The chances of menopause occur when a woman's ovaries stop producing estrogen (hormone, which controls the reproductive cycle). Early menopause is commonly known as premature menopause usually beginning before the age of forty.

According to the NIA (National Institute on Aging), women enter menopausal age at 50 years, but in most women, menopause starts between the age of 40 and 58. It is predictable that 4 out of every 100 women will experience menopause at their 20's and 30's. While its causes are not entirely known, several signs and symptoms can indicate an early menopause.

Can a Women Get Ovarian Cancer after Menopause?

Some recent studies suggest that women using estrogens after menopause have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Also, if women are taking estrogen without progesterone for a span of at least 5 to 10 years, then the chances of ovarian cancer automatically increase. But taking both estrogen & progesterone together decrease the risk of cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a rarity for women younger than 40, although most ovarian cancers develop post menopause.

What Symptoms Are Women Likely to Experience During Her Menopause?

If women notice irregular periods or periods which are noticeably longer or shorter than normal, then it’s a sign of early menopause. In these cases, consult your doctor and check for any other issues as well.

Other symptoms of early menopause comprise of:

1) Periods lasting longer than a week

2) Heavy bleeding

3) Spotting

4) Commencement of menstruation after a year of no period

Immunotherapy: Risk-Free Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

At the Cancer Healer Center, a team of consultants diligently founded a risk-free ovarian cancer treatment, which utilizes Immunotherapy. This is an advanced therapy which utilizes the body’s immune system to target and destroys cancer cells. Whether the cancer is at an early stage or advanced, women can be effectively treated by this treatment and have better post treatment life.

For more information related to ovarian cancer, you can consult the Cancer Healer Center.

27 Jul, 2017
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