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Switch to Better Foods this Diwali to Cut Lung Cancer Risks!

Switch to Better Foods this Diwali to Cut Lung Cancer Risks!
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Posted in: Lung Cancer by Cancer Healer

A small change in food habits this Diwali can make a big difference to your health. Read on to know about some healthy foods that can cut the risk of lung cancer.  

Filled with colorful lights, Diwali is definitely the most delightful festival of the year. From houses to offices, there isn’t a single place that doesn’t hold a classy party on this great occasion. For those who couldn’t care less about the origin of this festival, I would like to point out that Diwali has its roots in the Hindu epic Ramayana. When Lord Rama returned with his wife Godess Seetha and brother Lakshman to his kingdom in Ayodhya on a dark moonless night after defeating Raavan, people of Ayodhya lighted the whole territory with small lamps known as diyas to welcome them. The upcoming generations however took this celebration to a whole new level by lighting crackers like sparkles, flower pots and bombs. From a festival of lights, Diwali has been changed into a festival of noise, chaos and pollution, thanks to the people who consider blowing crackers as more of an auspicious ritual and less of an environmental hazard.

If people actually knew what the smoke from crackers results in, they would think twice before burning those. Contrary to popular belief that only smokers are at the risk of lung cancer, those who unknowingly inhale cigarette smoke or even the smoke from crackers are at an equal risk. Several months after enjoying this delightful festival with families, it would be devastating for one to know that he/she actually needs to visit a cancer care hospital. Spreading the word about this risk would be a great deal of help to everyone.

While ensuring a completely cracker-free Diwali is still a bridge too far, you can adopt some special foods that can lower the risk of lung cancer. Here are the foods you should add to your diet starting this Diwali or even before:

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables or simply green leafy vegetables as laymen prefer to call them, act as carcinogen inhibitors. They can eliminate carcinogens long before they start harming the body cells. These vegetables mostly include those from cabbage family.

  • Carotenoid-Rich Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables such as tomato, red pepper and carrot, and fruits such as orange and papaya contain carotenoid pigments that are rich in antioxidants. With these antioxidants released in the body, carcinogens have minimal or no effect.

27 Oct, 2016
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