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Ways to avoid Passive smoking

Ways to avoid Passive smoking
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Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Though you don’t smoke but sometimes you feel a burning sensation in your lungs and your throat or your cough counts does not come to a halt. These all are the consequences of passive smoking, in which you come in contact with the smoke of tobacco coming out of cigarette. This happens because of the fact that you are very much near in terms of distance to the person who is smoking. Even passive smoking has somewhat the same effects on the body as smoking does. Listed below are few methods to avoid passive smoking.

1. Say no to anyone who smokes near you: A bit rude but a most effective way is not to allow anyone smoke near you especially in your home and car because even if the smoker leaves the components came out from the cigarette in form of smoke stays in the air for a longer time and hence keeping you at a risk of catching those harmful components.

2. Cover your mouth and nose: While walking on road if you come across smokers then make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief so as to prevent the inhaling of the smoke coming out of the tobacco stick.

3. Avoid Smoking allotted Areas:  These are places where you can’t ask anyone to drop their roll of tobacco because this area has been specifically allotted to people who smoke. These areas could be found in office space, restaurants, movie theatres etc. Avoid these areas completely to stay safe from the tobacco smoke.

4. Rent Smoke free hotels:  It so happens that the hotel you rent while you travel is not smoke free and people in the hotel smokes anywhere they like. Hence, it is advisable to rent a hotel that is smoke free or a room has been allotted to smoking.

5. Prudently check school area:  Children exposure to passive amoking could lead to catastrophic consequences like Ear infections, Heart Disease, Lung Infections, Asthma attacks etc. Hence, make sure that the school area of your child has been declared a no smoking zone.

These are some ways to avoid passive smoking and lead a healthy and a better life.

19 Sep, 2015
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