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Thyroid cancer & its treatment 

Q. What is Thyroid cancer? 

The definition of a tumor is a mass of abnormally growing cells. Tumors can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors have uncontrolled cell growth, but without any invasion into normal tissues and without any spread. A malignant tumor is called cancer when these tumor cells gain the propensity to invade tissues and spread locally as well as to distant parts of the body. In this sense, thyroid cancer occurs when cells of the thyroid gland grow uncontrollably to form tumors that can invade the tissues of the neck, spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, or to the bloodstream and then to other parts of the body. The most common types of cancers of the thyroid gland are derived from the cells responsible for thyroid hormone production. The general term for cancers that come from glandular tissue is adenocarcinoma. In the thyroid, the most common types of cancer are papillary adenocarcinoma of the thyroid (75-80%) and follicular adenocarcinoma of the thyroid (15%). Papillary thyroid cancer takes on a folded appearance under the microscope, which eases its diagnosis. Follicular thyroid cancer may closely resemble normal thyroid tissue, but as a malignancy, has a propensity to divide uncontrollably and invade and spread. The next most common type of cancer of the thyroid is called medullary thyroid cancer (5%), which is derived from the parafollicular cells of the thyroid. This is often associated with a familial genetic predisposition to develop certain types of cancers (see below). The other major type of thyroid cancer often described is called anaplastic thyroid cancer (2%). This cancer usually affects older people and is very aggressive. Other types of cancers, such as lymphomas (cancer of the lymph gland cells), sarcomas (cancer of soft tissues such as muscle or cartilage cells), or metastases (cancers from other sites that have spread to the thyroid gland) are also seen in the thyroid gland.


Q. Am I at risk for thyroid cancer? 

Ans. Thyroid cancer is fairly common, as it is found at autopsy in few of the people with no known thyroid disease. However, death due to thyroid cancer is uncommon, explained by the fact that thyroid cancer is usually an indolent disease, tending to remain localized to the thyroid gland for many years. Most cases of thyroid cancer are sporadic; meaning there is no obvious predisposition or risk factor for development. However, it is more common in women. 

Q. Can I prevent thyroid cancer? 

Ans. As most cases of thyroid cancers are sporadic and not associated with any risk factors, there is usually no method to prevent the development of thyroid cancer. Careful examination of the thyroid and consideration of screening for patients at high risk could be considered, though the general prevention of thyroid cancers is impossible.

Q. What are the signs of thyroid cancer? 

Ans. By far, the most common presentation of thyroid cancer is a solitary nodule on the thyroid, which can be felt on physical exam. As the thyroid gland is a fairly superficial organ in the neck, a thyroid nodule could be noticed early, at which time medical attention should be sought. By no means is every thyroid nodule a thyroid cancer. In fact, most represent hyperplasia (benign growth of the thyroid) of the thyroid gland.
The thyroid cancer can present as multiple nodules in the thyroid or a large mass in the neck. The large mass can be located either in the region of the thyroid, representing the primary thyroid cancer, or in a separate region of the neck, representing a spread of cancer to the lymph nodes. Thyroid tumors can also at times present as hoarseness or with symptoms of tracheal or esophageal compression, such as shortness of breath, air hunger, problems or pain with swallowing, or neck pain

Q. What are the treatments for thyroid cancer? 

Ans. Cancer-Healer is very effective in all types of cancer where the patient recovers well. The treatment itself is sufficient enough to fight with the disease where the medicines boosts the immune system and completes the nutrients of the body. Also, it can go in parallel with chemotherapy or radiation as well.
The medicines brings marked improvement even in last stages and recovers promptly, depending on the immune system of the patient and the possiblities of recovery.



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