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Some Facts You Should Know about Prostate Cancer!!

16 Oct 20180
The prostate gland is only present in men and regular prostate exams can help the doctor diagnose cancer. However, Cancer Healer Center says there is a high chance that you do not know everything there ...
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What are the different types of Leukemia or Blood Cancer? Symptoms & Preventions!

15 Oct 20180
Leukemia, commonly referred to as blood cells cancer talks about abnormal blood cells produced in the bone marrow. Leukemia generally involves the production of abnormal white blood cells - the cells ...
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Colon Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention!

12 Oct 20180
Colon cancer is the cancer in the large intestine, the final part of the digestive tract. Many cases of colon cancer begin as small, non-cancerous clumps of cells. Over time, these can become cancerous Polyps ...
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6 Ways You Can Help a Cancer Patient Fight against Cancer

28 Sep 20180
When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, you want to help but may be uncertain about exactly what to do. Cancer Immunotherapy offered by Cancer Healer Center will help to take care of the ...
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5 Things You Need to Do Immediately after Diagnosed with Cancer!

28 Sep 20180
If you, or a loved one are newly diagnosed, following the steps below can make a huge difference as you begin the cancer journey - Find the best cancer doctor - The journey of cancer is long ...
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7 Catalysts Promoting Liver Cancer

28 Sep 20180
Cancer in liver is increasing. We don’t know the exact cause of liver cancer but there are some factors which might increase the risk of developing it. Cancer Healer Center lists some of the possible ...
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The Vicious World of Tobacco - Fostering Cancer since Ages!

28 Sep 20180
Tobacco use is centuries old. The two main forms of tobacco use are chewing and smoking. India, in particular, is the second largest consumer and third largest producer of tobacco in the world. The ...
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7 Signs that It’s Time to Get a Breast Cancer Check-Up

18 Sep 20180
Breast Lumps – The first sign of breast cancer for many women is a lump in their breast – but that is not cause for immediate panic, as it may not necessarily be cancerous. Many of the ...
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Brain Cancer - Types, Symptoms, Stages, and Treatment

05 Sep 20180
What is Brain Cancer? Cancer of the brain is the consequence of the abnormal growth of cells in the brain. Cancer cells grow to form a mass of cancer tissue (tumor) that interferes with brain functions ...
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7 habits You Need to Change if you have Lung Cancer

05 Sep 20180
The lung cancer treatment depends on the type and stage of cancer you have and includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and immunotherapy. If you have lung cancer and are undergoing treatment, it ...
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