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02 Aug 20170
Being the second most common kind of cancer found in both men and women, Lung Cancer has become a serious concern. Most commonly caused by long term tobacco smoking, Lung cancer is also known as lung ...
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Should A Women Worry About Menopause Age?

27 Jul 20170
All women will eventually experience menopause in her life when her period stops. Menopause is broadly defined as the point when women have their last period. Menopause indicates the end of women's ...
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Can Women have Prostate Cancer Too?

24 Jul 20170
Most people don’t know about the functions of Prostate. It helps in making & storing seminal fluid. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men but can often be ...
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Eat Papaya Fruit to Detoxify Liver & Fight Cancer

20 Jul 20170
For filtration, a human body primarily relies on the liver. It performs various functions like the removal of toxins & other wastes from the bloodstream & prepares them for excretion. The causes ...
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Things You Should Not Say to a Woman Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

18 Jul 20170
Breast cancer is one of the most disturbing experience someone can go through, and yet many patients find many friends and loved ones disappearing from their lives, just when they are most needed. But ...
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Hypothyroidism-Why Every Woman Should Know About It

10 Jul 20171
The thyroid hormones help to control body temperature, heart rate, growth, weight and many other processes in the body. The thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism & hypothyroidism are relatively ...
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Noticing Several Lung Cancer Symptoms Spared His Life

03 Jul 20171
Mr. Angad Agarwal who is a lung cancer patient never suspected that a cough would be a sign of lung cancer. Four years ago, he developed a cough that won’t go away quickly. He also noticed that ...
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Find the Right Treatment for Tongue Cancer

27 Jun 20171
All of us have heard about cancer that affects different parts of the body such as the lungs, breasts and so on. On the other hand, cancer can take place in the mouth as well, where the disease can ...
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Treatment to lower your risk of kidney cancer

21 Jun 20170
Exactly, kidney cancer is not a high-profile disease, but it is a widespread disease, which is found every year. A kidney cancer is known as an abnormal growth in the kidney. This cancer begins when ...
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Immunotherapy: An Advanced Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

15 Jun 20171
We all are aware that cancer starts when cells are growing uncontrollably and can also spread to other parts of the body. Instead of dying, cancer cells continue to grow & form a new abnormal cell. When ...
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