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Surviving Throat Cancer with Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

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Posted in: Throat Cancer by Dr. Tarang Krishna

Diagnosis, staging and planning of throat cancer treatment is complex, making it important to stay informed and understand the affects, potential risk factors, prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

Throat cancer refers to the cancer that occurs in the neck region. Indian population has the highest incidence of throat cancer due to high tobacco use and consumption of gutka, khaini, etc. Excessive alcohol intake is also a strong contributor. Lack of awareness is another major cause, which results in delayed diagnosis and throat cancer being presented in advanced stages. Throat cancer occurs due to rampant growth of abnormal cells of the mucosal regions of the neck.

Throat cancer can be divided into four stages – Stage I to Stage IV – depending on the size and extent of cancer and how much it has spread to other areas of the body. The cancer is smaller in Stage I and more advanced in Stage IV, where it can be associated with spreading to other areas.

Cancer Healer Center offers leading throat cancer treatment in India with specialized cancer healer therapies. The treatment recognizes and targets cancer cells and attacks the cancer systematically, without the regular side affects of cancer treatments.

Recognizing Potential Signs

Though it might be difficult to detect throat cancer in its early stages. Common throat cancer symptoms include:

• A change in voice

• Trouble in swallowing

• Weight loss • Sore throat

• Persistent cough

• Constant need to clear your throat

• Ear pain

• Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Diagnosing Throat Cancer

While diagnosing the cancer, your doctor may ask you about your symptoms and medical history. They may suspect throat cancer, if you’ve been experiencing the above mentioned symptoms.

Throat cancer diagnosis may involve performing direct or indirect laryngoscopy, which gives the doctor a closer view of the throat. If the test reveals abnormalities, the doctor may take a tissue sample and test it for cancer.

Reducing the Risk for Throat Cancer

While the genetic factors related to throat cancer cannot be controlled, there are ways in which the overall risk of developing cancer can be reduced. Following are some of the ways:

• Make sure you get regular screening if you fall under high risk category for throat cancer

• Regular self examination should be done, and consult a doctor if you observe abnormalities

• Smokers are at a 15% greater risk of throat cancer, therefore quit smoking

• Follow a healthy lifestyle

• Reduce alcohol consumption

• Avoid intake of tobacco

• Maintain a good oral hygiene

If you feel the need to talk to anyone about the symptoms, risk factors, concerns, or a diagnosis, please reach out to our experts at Cancer Healer Center. Our specialized team includes oncologists, surgeons and counselors to help you understand your options.

About The Author

Dr. Tarang Krishna - Cancer Specialist

Dr. Tarang Krishna

Dr. Tarang Krishna, Director at Cancer Healer Center, is the perfect epitome of perseverance and dedication.

He has an impressive educational background to his credit. He completed his under-graduation in Medicine and Surgery from Pune, India and did his MD (Hom) from Agra University, India.Thesis on MD was on "Treatment of cancer" where he presented cases of almost 100 patients and the response of the medicines in the treatment of cancer. He then completed his Ph.d in Oncology from the United Kingdom and his thesis on the ‘Efficacy of Medicines in the Treatment of Cancer’ is greatly commemorated and honored.

He befittingly represents alternate medicine and has contributed significantly towards the development and research of immunotherapy.

Through his nationwide chain of “Cancer Healer Center” clinics he strives to offer superior cancer treatment, using immunotherapy.

11 Apr, 2017
  • Avinash   Aug 20, 1 year ago

    Do you have centre in Mumbai.

    • Cancer Healer Center   Aug 22, 1 year ago

      Yes please check our contact address
      Aryston Center, Opposite
      Hotel J W Marriott,
      Juhu, Mumbai - 400049, INDIA
      Phone : +91-9892381000
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  • Anna   Jul 21, 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing information about throat cancer.

  • Alok Rastogi   Jun 23, 1 year ago

    Throat and Neck cancer to my father age 70. The affected part of the cancer has been removed after surgery but there may be chances of cancer cells in the throat and Neck as per laboratory report. Doctor suggest us to go with Radiology treatment.

    • Cancer Healer Center   Jun 29, 1 year ago

      Please share your contact details with us. Our team will contact you soon.

  • Divyansh   Jun 17, 1 year ago

    I am 18 and in my mouth yellow coloured patches are there is it is cancer ? And i never drink and eat tobacco

    • Cancer Healer Center   Jun 20, 1 year ago

      Please share your contact details with us. Our team will contact you soon.

  • Sanjeev bhatnagar   Apr 22, 1 year ago

    My father (66 years old) has throat cancer at 4 stage He is suffering from take in food Now what can we do??

    • Cancer Healer Center   Apr 24, 1 year ago

      Please share your contact details. Our experts will contact you soon.

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