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Combat thyroid cancer in an effective way

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Posted in: Thyroid Cancer by Dr. Tarang Krishna

Situated at the front of the neck, the thyroid gland plays an important role in producing the thyroid hormone, the chemical that regulates the metabolism of the body. An excess of thyroid production can lead to Hypothyroidism. Being the most prevalent kind of cancer bringing about 56,000 new cases according to The National Cancer Institute, in the US itself thyroid cancer is the most common kind of cancer. Thyroid cancer is to be seen in three times of more women than men, especially Asian women.

One of the first thyroid cancer symptoms is just the emergence of a thyroid nodule. These nodules are found in older people more than the younger lot, as these nodules are more likely to develop with age. Shaped like a butterfly around your neck, an exposure to radiation can be an important cause for the birth of thyroid cancer. Nuclear reactor incidents like Chernobyl in 1986 brought about increased instances of thyroid cancer among women and children. Also an iodine deficient diet can be one of the primary causes for Thyroid Cancer.

A forming lump in the neck area is an indication of this, noticing which; you should visit an oncologist for a clear and proper diagnosis. Other Thyroid Cancer symptoms include a hoarse voice, neck pain, and enlarged lymph nodes. Detection of Thyroid cancer can be done by performing a ultrasound or biopsy of the thyroid gland to watch out for any cancer cells around it. Ultrasound is conducted in order to detect whether there is a presence of a single nodule or multiple nodules. Diagnosis can even be done by sticking a needle in to a thyroid nodule, the relief for which comes with its removal by surgical procedure.

Calculated alone in 2015 it is estimated that 3.2 million are affected with Thyroid Cancer and is commonly found between the age bracket of 35 and 65.Thyroid levels in the body can be determined with the help of blood tests. These tests make you aware about whether the Thyroid levels in the body are high, low or too low.

Treatment of Thyroid Cancer is conducted with the help of surgery or radioactive iodine, the kind of prescribed treatments varies upon the age of the patient and the stage of Thyroid Cancer that is detected. Radiation and Chemotherapy can be avoided with Immunotherapy offered by Cancer specialist hospitals like The Cancer Healer Center. Initially introduced by Late Dr. Hari Krishna, the Center is now spearheaded by Dr. Tarang Krishna and his team of experts. Other treatment options include targeted therapy and watchful waiting, but Immunotherapy is also seen to be more effective in cases of Thyroid Cancer.

About The Author

Dr. Tarang Krishna - Cancer Specialist

Dr. Tarang Krishna

Dr. Tarang Krishna, Director at Cancer Healer Center, is the perfect epitome of perseverance and dedication.

He has an impressive educational background to his credit. He completed his under-graduation in Medicine and Surgery from Pune, India and did his MD (Hom) from Agra University, India.Thesis on MD was on "Treatment of cancer" where he presented cases of almost 100 patients and the response of the medicines in the treatment of cancer. He then completed his Ph.d in Oncology from the United Kingdom and his thesis on the ‘Efficacy of Medicines in the Treatment of Cancer’ is greatly commemorated and honored.

He befittingly represents alternate medicine and has contributed significantly towards the development and research of immunotherapy.

Through his nationwide chain of “Cancer Healer Center” clinics he strives to offer superior cancer treatment, using immunotherapy.

17 Aug, 2017
  • Karthik Naveen   Aug 26, 1 year ago

    Please provide more information about immunotheraphy treatment for thryoid cancer. Thanks & Regards Karthik Naveen

    • Cancer Healer Center   Sep 05, 1 year ago

      Case of thyroid cancer are treated by us. Immunotherapy proved to effective and beneficial, at early as well as advance stage. But to advise effectively, we need to see the report, so kindly share the reports at or speak to us directly at 011-42919191.

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