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Cancer healer center in Delhi(NFC)

Cancer Specialist in Delhi

One of the leading cancer clinics - Cancer Healer Center located in Delhi, visions to reinforce and empower cancer patients to make them live a better life during and after. Counted under some of the best hospitals with best cancer doctors in Delhi for cancer treatment, it provides treatment to all type of cancers including Cervical cancer, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer etc.

  • Located at D-842, New Friend´s Colony Behind Surya Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Delhi 110025, (INDIA), the hospital in Delhi is designed with excellence in clinical services .
  • This leading cancer clinic in Delhi is run by one of the best oncologists – Dr. Tarang Krishna and team who work together to enhance the health quality of cancer patients.
  • Focused and specialized, the center uses "CANCER HEALER" therapy which is a derivative of Immunotherapy that makes Cancer Healer Center one of the well-known Cancer Hospitals in Delhi.
  • Cancer Healer Center treats their patients with maximum care for earliest possible recovery, focusing on the quality and longevity of life.

Cancer Treatment Therapy by Dr Krishna in New Delhi

Dr. Tarang Krishna, an experienced oncologist, uses Cancer Healer therapy- introduced by Dr. Hari Krishna which is based on Immunotherapy: a treatment that enhances the body's immune system to fight against cancer. The cancer specialist hospital brings together the expertise to provide inclusive and coordinated care for patients. All types of cancers like blood, breast, bladder cancer, etc. can be cured using this therapy.

The center has various departments, which adopt a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to cancer treatment programmes; always striving for excellence in understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer at the best level.

Dr. Tarang Krishna, one of the top cancer specialist in Delhi says that a cancer patient needs proper cancer awareness, needs guidance, needs faith and hope to combat cancer. In fact, he stays in regular communication with the patient for making informed decisions both during and after the treatment.

"We believe that Cancer is potentially curable if diagnosed and treated in early stages. Even in late stages where cure may not be possible patient can be treated to have meaningful life."

Breast cancer doctor in Delhi

Cancer Healer Center is regarded as one of the best cancer treatment hospital in Delhi. Our cancer specialist doctor in Delhi consider every man and woman diagnosed with breast cancer as a unique individual who deserves a personalized cancer treatment plan with advanced care. Our oncologist in Delhi or anywhere helps you navigate the complexity of treating your cancer.

What People Says:

  • Kedar Basu, Tilak Nagar: "I am 35 years old with Lung cancer and was on medication for the same for 4 years. I had also undergone Chemotherapy. While searching for cancer treatments in India on Google I found about Dr Krishna's Cancer Healer Center in Delhi. Dr. Krishna who had introduced Cancer Healer- a derivative of Immunotherapy. I was successfully treated by Dr Tarang Krishna, the best oncologist in Delhi . One year since my treatment, I am living a quality life, no side effects. I thank Cancer Healer Center for taking good care of me."
  • Gautam Prakash, Dwarka: "Before the surgery I was not able to eat properly. My self-esteem and self-confidence was low. Now after the surgery, I am totally free from lung Cancer. I feel better and healthier. In simple words the treatment gave me a new life. Thanking Dr Krishna & Cancer Healer Center."
  • Ajay Chopra, South East Delhi:  "I never thought I could get blood cancer. I visited several oncologists, but failed to get proper treatment. That's when I decided to go for Immunotherapy at Cancer Healer Center (one of our relative who was suffering from breast cancer suggested for this hospital). It has the best oncologist in Delhi NCR. I can't believe I could be fine. Therapy has completely removed tumor and treated me with no side effects. by the best oncologist in Delhi ."

Cancer institutes say that immunotherapy treatment manipulates the behaviour of individual immune systems and has the potential to cure one of medical oncology’s greatest challenge, CANCER. Immunotherapy cancer treatment is showing exciting promise with clear benefits demonstrated in some cancers such as breast cancer, head cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, and neck cancer.

Renowned amongst the top cancer hospitals, we strive to provide the most advanced and effective medical care to cancer patients in an environment that primarily focuses on humanity, compassion and concern. Cancer Healer Center has substantial experience in the diagnosis and treatment of possibly any kind of cancer. It also has the necessary resources to offer excellent care and cancer treatment tailored based on your individual needs. We put together the expertise of the top medical oncologists offering coordinated cancer care for the patients. We can treat almost all types of cancer depending on the patient’s age, health, stage of disease, family history and more.

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CANCER HEALER CENTER Delhi(NFC) (Every Monday to Saturday) D-842, New Friend´s Colony Behind The Suryaa Hotel New Delhi 110025, (INDIA) Phone: +91-9810006264, +91-11-41634550, 46593259 Phone: +91-9810006264, +91-11-41634550, 46593259 Email :

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