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Liver Cancer

What is Liver?

Liver is the second largest organ of the body after skin, located below the diaphragm in the upper right side of the abdomen. It consists of four lobes - right lobe (largest), left lobe, caudate lobe and quadrate lobe. Depending upon the vascular supply these lobes are further divided into eight segments with each segment having its own blood supply and biliary drainage.

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer, which is also called hepatic cancer starts in the liver, and not from altogether another organ which migrates to the liver. Like all cancers, liver cancer can also be attributed to the uncharacteristic rise in cell reproduction.

linkRisk factors of Liver Cancer:

Few of the most common risk factors listed by cancer hospitals are::

  • Infections: Long term infection with hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus is linked with liver cancer
  • Cirrhosis: Scarring of the liver causes problem in the normal functioning of the liver in turn increasing the risk of liver cancer. Cirrhosis is caused either by heavy drinking or infection with a virus like hepatitis B or C
  • Alcohol: More than 5 units of alcohol per day can result in cirrhosis and increase the cancer risk
  • Non- alcoholic fatty liver’s disease: Excessive fat deposition in the liver due to obesity or diabetes causes damage to normal cells (hepatocytes) of the liver resulting in cirrhosis. Patient suffering from fatty liver have 5 times more chances of developing liver cancer compared to others
  • Family history: According to research immediate family members suffering from liver cancer have double the risk to developing liver cancer than others
  • Aflatoxin: Consumption of contaminated food results in the exposure to fungi called aflatoxin. In 1988, the IARC placed aflatoxin B1 on the list of human carcinogens. This is supported by a number of epidemiological studies that have demonstrated a positive association between dietary aflatoxins and Liver Cell Cancer (LCC)
  • Betel quid: According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization chewing betel quids and areca nut increases the risk of liver cancer
  • Chemicals: Long term exposure to chemicals like Vinyl Chloride which is used to make plastics, packaging and pipes can result in liver damage and increase the probability of liver cancer

linkSigns and Symptoms of Liver Cancer:

Few of the most common symptoms include:

  1. Unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, feeling of fullness, fever, indigestion and weakness
  2. Swelling and pain on the right side of the upper abdomen
  3. Jaundice

linkHow Liver Cancer is Diagnosed?

People suffering from cirrhosis and Hepatitis are recommended to go for regular Ultrasound of the abdomen, Alpha Fetoprotien test (blood test) and Liver function test. Other tests include:

  • Scans such as ultrasound scan, computerized tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. These scans help to find out about the location and spread of the disease
  • Liver biopsy: This is usually done to confirm the type of cancer. A small sample of the tissue is removed from the abnormal area and evaluated under the microscope



Staying aware about Liver cancer can aid in preventing it completely. Some of the best ways to prevent liver cancer are:

  • Hepatitis B that results in cirrhosis can be avoided by getting vaccinated
  • Hepatitis C infection can be avoided by having safe sex, avoiding intravenous drugs and using sterilized needle for piercing and tattooing
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Limiting exposure to cancer causing chemicals


Recommended Treatment for Liver Cancer Patients

Liver cancer can be treated by Cancer Healer Therapy at Cancer Healer Center which is one of the best liver cancer hospital in India. The therapy enhances the body’s immune system to fight against the disease and is a surgery-free cure for liver cancer. Liver cancer treatment in India is now carried out with effective therapies and other treatment methods. In cases where patients are suffering from Hepatitis and Cirrhosis of liver, cancer healer therapy helps to prevent the chances of getting cancer and checks further damage to liver cells by boosting body’s own immune system which fights back against the disease.

The best liver cancer hospitals say that liver cancer cure and recommendations depend on various factors such as:

  1. Whether the cancer has spread or not.
  2. How much of the liver is affected by the cancer
  3. The patient’s preferences and overall health
  4. The damage to the remaining cancer-free area of the liver.

However, with Cancer Healer Therapy treatment for liver cancer in India many liver cancer patients have benefitted. This therapy also helps in de-addiction and benefits heavy drinkers to quit alcohol. Cancer healer center which specializes in treatment for early and advanced liver cancer. Also, all types (primary or metastatic) of liver cancer can be treated by cancer healer therapy with great success. Its immunotherapy based principle helps to treat patients even when the patient is suffering from jaundice due to which he cannot undergo chemotherapy or radiation. There has been evidence showing better survival of the patient after undergoing cancer healer therapy at advanced stages.

linkWhy Cancer Healer Center for liver cancer treatment?

One of the best liver cancer hospital in India, Cancer Healer Center holds experts in screening, diagnosing, staging & treatment of liver cancer. It is an apex cancer center when it comes to advanced low cost liver cancer treatment in India and has liver cancer specialists in Delhi, Mumbai and other places. It also holds a paramount importance in handling liver cancer treatment for last stage liver cancer patients. Cancer Healer Center is one of the hospitals that uses CANCER HEALER Therapy which is a type of Immunotherapy. It has been successful in treating thousands of patients till date. With its presence in Delhi, Delhi (west), Delhi (South), Mumbai, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Indore, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, Cancer Healer Center has been offering treatment for liver cancer in India that aims to a future with a long and healthy life, not living in the shadows of Cancer but light.

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