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Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate?

The prostate is a small sized gland in men that is a part of the reproductive system. It rests below the bladder and in front of the rectum.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is also known as Carcinoma of the prostate. It develops in the prostate, a part of a reproductive organ which helps make and store seminal fluid. Because of its location, prostate diseases often affect urination, ejaculation, and sometimes defecation.

linkCauses/ Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer:

The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown; however there are few factors that can increase the risk.

  • Age: The risk of cancer increases as you grow old (above 80).
  • Family history: If a member in your family is diagnosed with prostate cancer you are 2-3 times more likely to get the cancer.
  • Ethnicity: Prostate cancer is more common in black African men than in white or Asian men.
  • Height and weight: Taller men have higher risk than shorter men. Also overweight can increase the risk
  • Environmental factors, such as cigarette smoking and diet that are high in saturated fat, seem to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Additional substances or toxins in the environment or from industrial sources might also promote the development of prostate cancer, but these have not yet been clearly identified.

linkSigns and Symptoms

A high time to look for one of the best cancer hospital of India when these signs and symptoms occur:

  • Trouble urinating (pain when passing urine)
  • Frequent urination
  • A sense of not completely emptying the bladder
  • Blood in the urine and semen
  • Bone pain
  • All of these symptoms can be caused by a variety of things besides prostate cancer, so experiencing any doesn't necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. However, if the symptoms occur frequently then a doctor of a cancer hospital should be consulted.

linkHow Prostate cancer is diagnosed?

Prostate cancer is diagnosed at leading cancer hospitals in India through these methods. These can also help to decide the right prostate cancer cure :

  • Digital rectal exam (DRE): It helps detect lumps, asymmetries and the size of the prostate. Although not a perfect test, it becomes useful when combined with the PSA test
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA): It is a blood test that looks for a protein that the prostate generates. Normal prostate tissue makes a little bit of PSA, but prostate cancer usually makes much more. If your PSA is elevated, your doctor can screen you for prostate cancer. The PSA test isn't perfect either, because some tumors won't elevate the PSA and some other processes (like benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis) can cause it to be falsely elevated. However, the higher your PSA is, the more likely the elevation is caused by a prostate cancer. The cut-off that your doctor usually uses is 4.0ng/ml, (below 4.0ng/ml is normal and anything above it is abnormal). If your PSA is elevated, or you have an abnormal digital rectal exam, then you need to get further evaluation. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have prostate cancer. The only way to know for sure whether or not you have cancer is to get a sample of your prostate from a biopsy<

linkRecommended treatments for prostate cancer patients

Prostate cancer in India can be treated by Immunotherapy at Cancer Healer Center which is one of the apex cancer hospitals of India for advanced prostate cancer treatment. The therapy enhances the body’s immune system to fight against the disease and is a surgery-free cure for prostate cancer. It is a treatment where response is seen in the PSA levels and improvement can be noticed in generally all men with prostate cancers. In treatment for prostate cancer in India, patients who opt for chemotherapy along with Cancer Healer Therapy see a remarkable response and survive with a better quality of life. There are different lines of treatment for different types of cancer which is decided by the team of doctors at cancer healer center which specializes in the treatment for early and advanced prostate cancer. Your decision making process is most likely to include a combination of clinical and psychological factors such as the level of risk, personal circumstances, desire for a certain therapy based on risks and benefits.

Depending on each case, conventional prostate cancer treatment in India and around includes –

1. Surgery
2. Radiation Therapy
3. Chemotherapy
4. Vaccine Treatment
5. Hormone Therapy
6. Bone directed treatment
These prostate cancer treatments are generally used one at a time, however in some cases it may be combined to find the best treatment for prostate cancer for you. 

Why Cancer Healer Center for prostate cancer treatment?

The treatment for prostate cancer depends on the age, general health and the grade and stage of your cancer. Though some treatments have side effects, most of them can be effectively managed. You can ask your health expert what side-effects to expect and how best to manage these. If prostate cancer has come back, the type of prostate cancer treatment depends on how the primary cancer was treated. The best prostate cancer hospital in India says that you might have to get the same treatment again or go through a different treatment.

One of the best cancer hospitals, Cancer Healer Center holds experts in screening, diagnosing, staging & treatment of prostate cancer treatment, India. It is an apex cancer center when it comes to advanced low cost prostate cancer treatment in India. It also holds a paramount importance in handling prostate cancer treatment for last stage prostate cancer patients. Cancer Healer Center is one of the places that use CANCER HEALER Therapy which is a type of Immunotherapy. It has been successful in treating thousands of patients till date with its advanced prostate cancer treatment. With its presence in Delhi, Delhi (west),Delhi (South) Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Indore, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, Cancer Healer Center has been offering a treatment that aims to a future with a long and healthy life, not living in the shadows of Cancer but light


Here are some tips to stay aware about prostate cancer prevention by the best prostate cancer hospitals in India–

  • An unhealthy diet
  • Dairy products
  • Quit alcohol and smoking
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

Contact Cancer Healer Center for prostate cancer treatment in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Indore.

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