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Chemotherapy along with immunotherapy

Can immunotherapy be used in combination with conventional chemotherapy in patients with advanced cancer?

The use of conventional cancer chemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy was previously not thought to be appropriate due to the immunosuppressive effects usually associated with chemotherapy. However, we identified a mechanism by which the two therapies could work together.

Combining Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy with Immunotherapy

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy, for the treatment of cancer, have similar as well as different properties. However, Cancer Healer Center provides immunotherapy with these therapies, assuring the possibility of higher effectiveness with lower side effects.

While radiation can be more targeted than the blanket approach of chemotherapy, it can still damage surrounding cellular tissue, as it lacks the ability to differentiate between healthy and cancerous tissue. The known side effects of both chemo and radiation can be very abrasive and can also create long-term health risks.

On the other hand, Immunotherapy techniques have shown very few side effects (and less serious ones) during clinical trials. One way of decreasing the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy as well as boosting the effectiveness of treatment could be combining the therapies with immunotherapy techniques. These combinations will not only serve the purpose to fight the disease but also avoid severe side effects like hair loss, damage to normal cells etc.

So what Exactly Is Cancer Immunotherapy?

Cancer Immunotherapy is a therapy that enables the immune system to fight cancer. This can be done either by:

  • bulletStimulating a person’s own immune system to attack cells; or
  • bulletAdministering man-made, immune-system proteins to combat the disease.

Immunotherapy has a long-lasting effect because the technology involves training the immune system to defend itself against cancer cells. Once trained, the body automatically remembers what a cancer cell looks like and how best to tackle it.

Is Immunotherapy a Permanent Solution?

Immunotherapy is a promising field that has shown high success rate against deadly cancers. It is seen as a very hopeful alternative with a “low side-effect (less serious ones)” solution to cancer.

Difference between Immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are few of the most famous and traditional therapies to treat cancer. However Chemotherapy along with cancer cells also kills normal cells thereby making the body weak. And Radiotherapy uses x-rays, gamma rays etc. to shrink tumours and destroy cancer cells which results in the damage of their genetic structure.

On the other hand, Immunotherapy fights cancer by training the immune system and does not result in damage of normal cells or genetic structure.

How Immunotherapy works?

  • bulletStops or slows the growth of cancer cells.
  • bulletMake it easier for your immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.
  • bulletKeep cancer from spreading to other parts of your body.

Where does one go to get treatment?

One of the best options available is ‘Cancer Healer Center’ which uses ‘Cancer Healer Therapy’, an Immunotherapy. The revolutionary therapy has been created after fundamental scientific investigation, thorough research and clinical trials providing excellent results. Having successfully treated thousands of patients, the Center is a benchmark when it comes to providing exceptional treatment services and fighting cancer without any major side effects. Through effective treatment, the Center aims to eliminate cancer and help each patient carry on a more wholesome, satisfying and remunerating life. Started by a renowned physician Dr. Hari Krishna and taken forward by Dr. Tarang Krishna, the Center is operational in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Mumbai.

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