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Patient Reports

Patient Name : Mrs. PushpaCervical Cancer

Mrs. Pushpa a case of cancer of cervix which had metastasized to urinary bladder.She was treated through

Cancer Healer Therapy which she survived at an advance stage without any risks and side effects and the results have been fruitful so far.

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Patient Name : Asha guptaBreast Cancer Treatment

A case of breast cancer from Amritsar .

Got her positive response from Cancer Healer treatment

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Patient Name : Mrs. PoonamBreast Cancer Treatment

Mrs. Poonam,  a case of BREAST CANCER who had undergone lumpectomy.After surgery , the disease progressed spread through out

her body which involving the bones, liver and lungs, showing that the disease has metastasised to 4th stage of cancer.

She chose to go ahead with Cancer Healer Therapy, which to her wonders, the reports came out to be normal

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Patient Name : Mrs. Sipi BeharaBreast Cancer Treatment

Mrs. Sipi Behara, diagnosed at an advanced stage breast cancer was advised to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. After taking medicines from Cancer Healer Center, she started seeing a positive difference post her operation in just a few months and is now completely fine & out of cancer.

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Patient Name : Mrs. Chaman AraBreast Cancer Treatment

Mrs. Chaman Ara was diagnosed with breast cancer. A cyst was revealed in the left breast. After proper treatment and care at Cancer Healer Center, there were no traces of cancer and was healthy to live a quality life

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Patient Name : Mrs Joginder KaurBreast Cancer Treatment

C/o Ca Oesophagus - Post operated/chemotherapy and radiotherapy - disease progression with Right adrenal and Lymph Node metastasis with Pleural deposits, now reports are showing good amount of regression post taking Immunotherapy at CHC.

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Patient Name : Mrs. Vershaben ChaudharyBreast Cancer Treatment

C/O Ca Breast with lymphnode metastasis(Post CT) - no improvement with chemotherpy

reports are completely normal now with our medicines in 5 months

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Patient Name : Vitthal DasMultiple Myeloma

A case of multiple myeloma, where the patient was suffering from severe bone pains.

The patient was unable to move and was almost bed ridden.Treatment was given at Cancer Healer Center(CHC)

and to doctors and patient's attendants surprise his reports came normal.

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Patient Name : Prabha RajwanshiAnal Cancer Treatment

A case of Anal canal carcinoma where the patient was sufferening from severe bleeding per rectum. Patient was treated with external RT+ Brachytherapy.

The patient came to Cancer Healer Center with recurrence of the primary disease along with extensive metastasis.

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Patient Name : Mr. Malkit SinghOesophagus Cancer

C/o Ca Oesophagus (Post Radiations) Came to us with sever side effects and no marked improvement in disease. After 6 months of treatment is completely cancer free.

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Patient Name : Mr. Anurag YadavTongue Cancer

Case of Carcinoma of Tongue (Post Surgery/Post Chemotherapy)

Patient did not have any side effects of chemotherapy because of our medicines and is now completely disease free.

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Patient Name : Rekha RaniLymphoma

27 years old lady was suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.She was being treated in one of the big hospitals of Delhi..

Came to Cancer Healer Center with recurrence where the chemotherapy failed to bring any improvement.

When the CT scans were done during follow ups it came as no significant abnormality seen.

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Patient Name : Mansi Bhatia Lymphoma

Case of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma , came to Cancer Healer Center with advanced stage ,

Got relief from the treatment and to their utter surprises ,

the followups shows the reports came absolutely normal

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Patient Name : Mr Likha TanaLymphoma

Mr Likha Tana was suffering from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He had experienced major side effects from chemotherapy. But after the treatment from Cancer Healer Center, he became absolutely disease free. The results were excellent after using Cancer Healer Immunotherapy.

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Patient Name : Mrs Kripali DeviLymphoma

Patient Mrs Kripali Devi was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She started her treatment with chemotherapy but had no relief. She then took the immunotherapy treatment from Cancer Healer Center. Her reports are completely normal now.

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Patient Name : Mrs.Supriya VyasUterus Cancer

A case of Endometrial cancer with the involvement of the fallopian tubes .

Disappointed as she was not finding relief in any lines of treatment,

came to Cancer Healer Center and recovered .

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Patient Name : Mrs VimlaUterus Cancer

C/o Adenocarcinoma of Endometrium with Local invasion - Post operated - no relief
Completely cured in just 4 months with our treatment.

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Patient Name : Mr.Jaswant RaiLiver Cancer

Mr. Jaswant Rai, a case of Periampullary carcinoma, underwent Whipples surgery in 2008. Was suspected for residual adenocarcinoma which had metastasised to liver. He started treatment with great hope and an urge to get rid of the disease without undergoing another surgery.His firm belief was sustained and to his surprise the cancer was completely cured through Cancer

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Patient Name : Mr. Angad AgarwalLung Cancer

Master. Angad Agrawal a case of PNET, spindle cell sarcoma of lungs , came to us in grave illness.

The patient underwent multiple chemos, furthermore deteriortaing his condition.

Immunotherpay treatment at Cancer Healer Center, helped him revive holistically and fight back with the dreadful disease.

His doctors felt it was unbelievable to have

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Patient Name : Vijay MaheshwariBladder Cancer Treatment

A patient suffering from cancer of Urinary Bladder,was being treated at one of the renowned hospital in Mumbai .

Came to Cancer Healer Center with a ray of hope and started with our treatment.

The hopes changed to faith followed by trust led to patient been completely disease free by correct treatment and patient's strong will power.

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Patient Name : Mr. Lekhraj ChaudharyBladder Cancer Treatment

Mr. Lekhraj Chaudhary, a urinary bladder cancer patient commenced his treatment with Cancer Healer Center on December 2017 at the Chandigarh franchise. He took proper treatment and followed a healthy routine.

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Patient Name : Mr Jhunu MukherjeeBladder Cancer Treatment

Mr Jhunu Mukherjee was diagnosed with Metastatic Gall Bladder cancer. His condition was very critical when he had come to us. He decided to start with Cancer Immunotherapy. His firm belief and thorough treatment at Cancer Healer Center helped him to fight back with the disease.

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Patient Name : Neha BaruaLeukaemia (Blood cancer) Treatment

A girl suffering from AML was diappointed by other modes of treatment as it was not bringing any improvement.

Doctors had advised for bone marrow transplant.

She came to Cancer Healer Center with great hopes to meet Dr. Tarang Krishna.

Her strong will power, determination to fight back and correct treatment made her disease free.

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Patient Name : Mr. Sunil DattLeukaemia (Blood cancer) Treatment

Mr. Sunil Datt was diagnosed for CML for which he continued allopathic treatment, followed by chemotherapy but didn't find any relief

further deteriorating his health. He came to us in grave sufferings and decided to start Immunotherapy.

His firm belief and thorough treatment at Cancer Healer Center helped him to fight back with the disease.

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Patient Name : Mrs. Priyanka NathMalignant Mesothelioma

C/o Carcinoma of Ovary with Peritoneal and Omental Metastasis 

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Patient Name : Tanuj SinghBrain Tumor Treatment

A case of Medullloblastoma Grade IV, where the parents of the patient had lost all hopes.

Came to Cancer Healer Center and to the parents surprise the reports came normal .

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Patient Name : Amit Kumar RamThroat Cancer

A patient from Jabalpur aged 49years suffering from carcinoma of HARD PALATE. Biopsy was done in Jabalpur.

Where the doctors told him that nothing much can be done as the bones have also been involved.

Came to Cancer Healer Center(CHC) with great hopes and by God's Grace, his hopes were sustained.

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Patient Name : Mr. Rajendra Nath MishraThroat Cancer

Mr. Mishra was diagnosed with cancer of floor of mouth.The ongoing chemo led to a horrifying experience furthermore breaking him down both mentally and physically.Patient underwent treatment at Cancer Healer center, where his determination to fight back with the disease was revived and was amazed with Immunotherapy which helped him survive this ordeal without any risks an

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Patient Name : Shatabi DeviGall Bladder Cancer

Mrs. Shatabi Devi is a case of post operative CA Gall Bladder , approached to CHC for the relief and to make sure her disease doesnt recur back .

She made the right choice of choosing Cancer Healer Center as her partner in battling with the disease

and emerged as a winner in the end !

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Patient Name : Mrs. RadhikaGall Bladder Cancer

Mrs. Radhika, a gallbladder cancer patient, who came to us thinking life would not be anymore beautiful for her.

Her courage and hope were revived along with our Cancer Healer Therapy  made her survive a great battle and win over cancer.

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