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Rama Pant

Report Detail


Before Treatment
Histopathology reports- suggestive of Infiltrating duct carcinoma

Immunohistochemistry profile

Before Treatment
Immunohistochemistry report suggestive of triple negative cancer . all ER PR AND HER2neu were...


Before Treatment
Histochemistry profile C erb 2 Oncoprotein positive.

Report 4

During Treatment
Bone scintigraphy report shows no evidence of bones metastasis

Report 5

During Treatment
Report findings shows lymphnodes are negative of cancer

Report 6

After Treatment
Sonograpy-B/L breasts shows no cancer . reports come normal

Report 7

After Treatment
USG abdomen shows wihin normal limits . reports are normal . The patient was overjoyed with normal...

Thanks Giving letter

Thank You Letter
The patient's attendants were overwhelmed with joy when the reports came normal . wrote a letter...

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