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Mrs.Supriya Vyas

Report Detail


Before Treatment
CT abdomen-22/8/2014

Report 3

Before Treatment
Serum CA-125 was raised and patient came to our enter with lot many complaints of nausea , loss of...

Report 4

Before Treatment
CT abdomen showed pelvic ascites and the fluid had to be tapped frequently . the patient was...

Report 5

During Treatment
CA125 markers that was raised came down within first month of our treatment . The patient was...

Report 6

During Treatment
CT abdomen was advised by us during treatment that showed the complete regression of the lymph...

Report 1

Before Treatment
CECT -whole abdomen(21/5/14)

Report 7

After Treatment
CA 125

Report 8

After Treatment
USg abdomen

Report 9

After Treatment
Pathology report

Thanks giving letter

Thank You Letter
the letter from her husband that clearly shows the positivity the response Cancer Healer Center...

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