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Cancer Healer Therapy

Cancer Healer Therapy

What is Cancer Healer Therapy?

Cancer Healer Therapy is an immune based therapy that works on the principle of Immunotherapy, a therapy that enhances the body’s immune system cells, i.e. B lymphocytes (B cells), T lymphocytes (Tcells) and natural killer (NK) cells to fight cancer.

The immune system has extraordinary powers and is known for its abilityto remember its specificity and the universal role that it plays in biology. Hence, this treatment has the potential to achieve complete and long lasting results that helps to treat and eradicate cancer completely, instead of just suppressing the symptoms or randomly killing cells like in chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The therapy works by first identifying the cancer cells and systematically avoiding the healthy cells that the body produces and targeting only the specific cells that spread and cause cancer.

To understand how the cancer healer therapy works on the immune system, think of the body as a country and the immune system as the country's defense forces. Consider viruses, bacteria, and cancer cell as a hostile, foreign army, in light of the fact that they are not an original part of the body and they want to utilize the body's resources to serve their own purposes and harm the body in the process. These germs contain foreign substances that are not normally present in the body and this causes the immune system to react against the germs. Anything that causes the immune system to react is called an antigen, derived from the Greek words ‘anti’ meaning ‘against’ and ‘gen’ meaning ‘to produce’. Antigens produce a reaction that can lead the immune system to destroy both the antigen and anything it is attached to or part of, such as a bacterial or cancer cell.

Why cancer healer therapy is the most preferred choice of treatment for cancer patients around the world?

It is a combination of several medicines which act at cellular level,offering a precise, adaptable and long lasting response;

  • bulletPrecise: The therapy trains the immune system in such a way that only cancer cells are targeted and destroyed without affecting the normal cells.
  • bulletAdaptable: Helps the immune system recognize the new mutated cancer cells.
  • bulletLong-lasting response: Makes the immune system remember the cancer cells and prevents them from attacking the body in the future.

Cancer Healer Therapy is available for different kinds of patients including those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, have undergone radiation and chemotherapy or terminally ill patients.The line of treatment changes according to the case by the team of doctors after reviewing and accessing the reports. Cancer healer therapy is cancer and case specific, i.e. for different cancers there are different medicines. It is one of the best prevailing medicines in treating cancer patients with:

  • bulletHighest success rates with no side effects like hair loss, infections, pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, weight loss, mouth-sores or loss of appetite. Also, its use nullifies the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, thereby improving the condition which gets deteriorated by such harsh treatments.
  • bulletNormal cells are not affected or destroyed during the treatment unlike other therapies that end up killing normal cells.
  • bulletNo damage to the taste buds.
  • bulletMaintains strength of the bones while other therapies may cause bone loss leading to Osteoradionecrosis (bone death).
  • bulletTreatment available for all four stages of cancer.
  • bulletCheaper and affordable.

Be it patients in the last stage or patients who can’t endure the traditional treatment conditions (Chemotherapy/Radiation therapy), Cancer healer therapy brings a ray of hope for all. It gives alleviation from acute pain and cough, weakness, vomiting, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, swelling, etc. and increases the chances of survival thereby improving the quality of life. At times chemotherapy and radiation therapy become ineffective in the last stage as the cancer cells mutate further and become immune to these treatments. However, with the long lasting response of the immune system, the cancer cells are destroyed even in the last stage when treated with Cancer Healer Therapy.

Can Cancer Healer Therapy (Immunotherapy) be used with other traditional therapies?

Yes, it can be used with all types of therapies including chemotherapy (oral or intravenous) and radiation without any interference or side effects.Combination of these two therapies can show promising results. Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments available for cancer, nonetheless, it brings about numerous reactions and does not show cent percent results especially in case of solid tumours. While radiation therapy is more centred than the sweeping methodology of chemotherapy, it can still harm the surrounding cellular tissue, as it lacks the ability to distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissues. The known side effects of both chemo and radiation therapy can be very harsh and can also create long-term health risks. On the otherhand, Immunotherapy is a more advanced method that triggers the immune system to fight cancer without any major side effects. Patients are able to tolerate both chemotherapy and radiationin a much better way avoiding severe side effects like hair loss, damage to normal cells, damage to taste buds, Osteoradionecrosis (bone death), etc.

What are the side effects of Cancer Healer Therapy?

Till date there has been no major side effects noted. The therapy not only fights cancer but also helps patients recover from the side effects of other traditional therapies.

Awards received by Cancer Healer Center, Dr. Hari Krishna and Dr. Tarang Krishna:

  • bulletJan- Sanskriti, New Delhi presented "RajdhaniGaurav" to Dr. Tarang Krishna in 2010
  • bulletIn 2011, Trinity World University awarded the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" to Tarang Krishna
  • bulletIn August 2012, Dr.Tarang Krishna received ‘Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award’ for Innovative Therapy in Cancer Healing
  • bulletHe was awarded the Dr. Jugal Kishore Award for dedication toward cancer patients
  • bulletIn 2012, he was presented with the prestigious Dr. Diwan Harish Chandra Award
  • bulletBrands Academy: Dr. Krishna received best cancer specialist in Immunotherapy. The award was presented by ShashiTharoor
  • bulletDr. Tarang Krishna was awarded the ‘Dr Hahnemann Award’ for his significant contribution to cancer prevention and cure
  • bulletHe was awarded the Dr. Jugal Kishore Award for dedication toward cancer patients
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