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Immunotherapy in India

Immunotherapy in India

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy in India is a new class of cancer treatment that has delivered astonishing results till date. Also known as Biologic Therapy or Biotherapy, it is a new type of cancer treatment that enhances the body's immune system to fight against cancer. Immunotherapy for cancer in India can be done either by

  • Training the immune system to recognize the cancer cells and destroy it.
  • Or by stimulating the immune system to destroy the tumor cells by using antibodies.

There are several types of Immunotherapies. They are:

  • Passive immunotherapies (monoclonal antibodies)
  • Non- specific Immunotherapies
  • Active specific immunotherapies (cancer vaccines)

Either single or two or more of these immunotherapies are used together depending on the need.

This is one of the most original and advanced cancer treatment. Immunotherapy, India brings in a new ray of hope for the cancer population. Countless research and immunotherapy cancer treatment have turned and showed a green signal to this cell therapy. The immunology cancer treatment is very well accepted and approved across nations. With this method, the immune system can be boosted, directed or restored by the different kinds of cancer immunotherapy.

Several types of Immunotherapies:

Monoclonal antibodies

They are based on the working principle of human immune system (produce antibodies when the body is infected by external bodies like bacteria, fungi etc). These types of antibodies are prepared artificially and are inserted in the body intravenously (through the veins). They work either by:

  • Targeting specific harmful proteins on the surface of cancer cells which are sometimes deserted by the immune system and thereby helping the immune system recognize and destroy the cancer cells.
  • Or they help block the cancer growth factor receptors (receptors that help in the growth of the cells).
  • Also, monoclonal antibodies which carry radioactive particles helps diagnose certain types of cancers like colorectal, ovarian and prostate cancer with the help of special cameras.
  • Some antibodies carry cancer drugs directly to cancer cells and destroy them by attaching to them.

Non-Specific Immunotherapies

They are usually given in chorus with other traditional treatments like Chemotherapy. It is done either by using laboratory prepared Interferons which slows down the growth of cancer cells or by using Interleukins which destroys the cancer cells.

Immunotherapy for breast cancer

Immunotherapy is evolving and emerging as a critical component for breast cancer treatment. Setting the groundwork for future success, studies have shown that breast cancer is immunogenic. It has an average analysis of cell which is predictive of response. This varies by histology with triple negative breast cancer having the highest burden. Also, previous immune strategies have led to survival benefits suggesting Immunotherapy for breast cancer playing a role. There are many clinical trials to analyze immunotherapy strategies for patients with breast cancer.

Cancer Vaccines

They expose the immune system with a protein that makes the immune system distinguish and destroy the cancer causing cells. It can be done either by using Preventive vaccines which are given to prevent a person from the viruses like Human papillomavirus that prevent cervical cancer Or by Treatment vaccine which trains the immune system to fight against the cancer. Cancer vaccines are considered active immunotherapies, because the substances that are injected into the patient are meant to trigger an active response by the patient's own immune system. These vaccines cause the immune system to produce antibodies against antigens and/or to produce cytotoxic T lymphocytes to attack cancer cells that have those antigens. Vaccines may also be combined with nonspecific immunotherapy using additional substances or cells called adjuvants to boost the immune response.

Though there are well known treatments for cancer like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery then why go for Immunotherapy? These treatments are all based on destroying cancer cells by burning them (radiation), by poisoning them (chemo) and by removing them (surgery). While they can efficiently kill cancer cells, these treatments are restricted because large numbers of normal cells are also destroyed. However, Immunotherapy for cancer in Delhi or anywhere is not toxic. Few of the major benefits of Immunotherapy include:

  • Highest success rates with no side effects like hair loss, infections, pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, etc.
  • Normal cells are not affected or destroyed during the treatment.
  • No damage to the taste buds and avoids conditions like Osteoradionecrosis (bone death)
  • Cancer treatment in India available for all four stages of different types of cancer including pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, etc.
  • The cost of immunotherapy for cancer in India is affordable.

As we know, cancer immunotherapy is a personalised treatment where the body’s own mechanism is enhanced to combat and destroy the cancer cells. Cancer specialists dealing in the arena of immunology cancer treatment have said that Immunotherapy has proved to be a breakthrough treatment where the outcomes have been great. In this form of treatment, cells or natural substances by the own body are restored in the laboratory to improve the functioning of the immune system. Cancer Healer Center is one the leading Immunotherapy clinics in India. This Center has been successful in treating more than 3200 patients till date. As per Nikolai Lenin 'The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart'. Immunotherapy cancer treatment in India aims to a future with a long and healthy life, not living in the shadows of Cancer but light.

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