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Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer

About Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer originates in the kidneys which are two bean shaped organs found on the either side of the spine and aids in filtering the blood. As blood passes through kidneys, waste products & unneeded water are collected into it & is turned into urine. Kidneys also produce three important hormones.

  • bullet Erythropoietin: This hormone is responsible for producing RBCs with bone marrow.
  • bulletRenin: This hormone regulates blood pressure.
  • bulletCalcitriol helps the intestine to absorb calcium from the diet.

Kidney Cancer is one of the ten most common cancers in both men and women.

Risk Factors:

  • bullet Obesity: Being obese will increase your chances of acquiring the symptoms of this cancer.
  • bulletSmoking: If you smoke your risk could be double to that of a non- smoker.
  • bulletKidney Disease: Having a kidney disease that needs dialysis increases the chances of cancer.
  • bulletFaulty Genes: Some people inherit a tendency to develop kidney cancer.
  • bulletHigh Blood Pressure: This is another major factor which increases the risk of cancer.


In the early stages, kidney cancer does not produce any symptoms. However, the symptoms may include:-

  • bulletBlood in the urine
  • bulletConstant tiredness
  • bulletA lump in the abdomen
  • bulletUnexplained weight loss
  • bulletFever not caused by flu or cold


Before any tests are undertaken, complete physical examination of the patient is done. Later, the following tests are done to confirm the presence of cancer cells:

  • bulletPhysical Exam: This test provides information about signs of kidney cancer and other health issues.
  • bulletUrine Test: Microscopic and chemical tests are done on a urine sample to look for small amounts of blood and other substances to diagnose the symptoms of kidney cancer.
  • bulletCT Scan: Computed Tomography Scan uses X-rays to produce detailed cross-sectional images of the body. It provides precise information about the size, shape, and position of a tumor if present in the kidneys.
  • bulletBlood Tests: Complete blood count (CBC) is done to measure the amounts of different cells in the blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The results of this test are often abnormal in people with renal cell cancer.
  • bulletImaging Tests: This test uses x-rays, magnetic fields, sound waves, or radioactive substances to create pictures of the inside of the body. This test helps learn how far cancer has spread, if the treatment has been effective or not.


In order to lower the risk of kidney cancer, keep your kidney’s health in check:-

  • bulletStay Hydrated: This action will help your kidneys function properly. Dark coloured urine is a sign of dehydration.
  • bulletEat Healthy: Eating good amount of fruits & vegetables helps you prevent many of the symptoms. Consume whole wheat pasta, bread and rice. Avoid oily foods.
  • bulletDon’t Smoke or Drink too much: Smoking and drinking alcohol in excessive quantities requires your kidneys to work harder to remove all the toxins from the blood.
  • bulletWatch the Blood Pressure: Get your blood pressure checked regularly. Increase in blood pressure will increase the risk of your kidney problems.
  • bulletStay Slim: Try to maintain a healthy weight. This action will help you avoid many risk factors causing kidney cancer.


Kidney Cancer Treatment options lies on various factories such as the type, cell type, side effects, stage of cancer, and the patients preferences for overall health. Your kidney cancer treatment and plan may include options for side effects and symptoms. It is often treated with surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy or a combination of these treatments. However, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also occasionally used for kidney cancer treatment. 

Depending on the age, type of cancer, spread of the disease and size of the tumor, experts at Cancer Healer Center plan the treatment procedure accordingly. The treatment provided at the center is based on the principle of Immunotherapy, a therapy that enhances the body's immune system to fight against cancer. It can be done either by:

  • bulletTraining the immune system to recognize the cancer cell and destroy it
  • bulletStimulating the immune system to destroy the tumor cells by using antibodies

Even early or advance stages of kidney cancer are treated at cancer healer centre with good response and success.

Talk with your doctor about the goals of each treatment and what you expect while receiving the kidney cancer treatment. Check out Cancer Healer’s website for details on kidney cancer treatment!

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