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Debunking Some Dangerous Misconceptions about Cancer and Can

18 Dec 20180
Cancer has so many debatable myths. Cancer Healer Center takes you through some of the common mistakes about cancer and the truth behind these myths. Read here. Will eating sugar make cance ...

How physical activities can help prevent Breast Cancer?

15 Dec 20180
Why does being physically active reduce the breast cancer risk? Being physically active can help you maintain a healthy weight, which is a major factor in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Ho ...

The Science Behind Outmuscling Cancer: Know It With Cancer H

07 Dec 20180
Studies suggested that those with high ‘muscular strength’ have a lower risk of becoming a victim to cancer. After assessment, the oncologists found that men with a stronger one-rep max ...

Facts for the Frontline: Immunotherapy

28 Nov 20180
What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy empowers your immune system against cancer. It uses the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Rather than attacking cancer itself, the immunology c ...

Questions to be asked before taking Chemotherapy

23 Nov 20180
If you are considering chemotherapy, here are some important questions to ask before scheduling the chemotherapy. The purpose of this list is to empower you to take charge of your cancer. No one is ...

Cancer - A Bane of 21st Century?

21 Nov 20180
Cancer - a word dreaded by all often heightens our anxiety. Imagine a future where cancer is lowered to something as trivial as an infection. It’s not impossible. The growth in our knowle ...

Cancer Myths Debunked

20 Nov 20180
Certain popular notions about how cancer starts and spreads - though scientifically wrong - seem to make sense, especially when these ideas are rooted in the old theories. But wrong ideas about can ...

Immunotherapy Flip The Switch On Melanoma Cancer!

20 Nov 20180
Immunotherapy is a genuine game changer. For the first time, there’s a treatment for melanoma which can extend or even save lives. Although melanoma comprises of less than 5% of all the skin ...

Quick Facts About Lymphoma

12 Nov 20180
Cancer Healer Center encourages and sheds light on lymphoma- not only to raise awareness about this type of cancer but also give hope to those who have been affected by this disease. Here are some ...

Importance of Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment Today!

30 Oct 20180
Immunotherapy is a kind of cancer treatment which stimulates or restores the ability of the Immune (defense) system to fight Cancer. The Immune system helps the body to fight infections and other d ...
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