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Hypothyroidism-Why Every Woman Should Know About It

Hypothyroidism-Why Every Woman Should Know About It
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The thyroid hormones help to control body temperature, heart rate, growth, weight and many other processes in the body. The thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism & hypothyroidism are relatively common in pregnancy and should be necessarily treated. Hypothyroidism is a condition which develops when the thyroid gland makes little or no thyroid hormone.

Hypothyroidism can increase the risk of these pregnancy complications:

• Miscarriage

• Stillbirth

• Infertility

• Maternal anemia

• Deficits in intellectual development in infants and much more

If any women have pre-existing hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism during pregnancy, then she may require extra medical care to control these conditions, especially in the first trimester. Sometimes, pregnancy may cause weight loss and persistent vomiting in the first quarter that can be the symptoms of thyroid cancer.

Some relevant facts about hypothyroidism during pregnancy

• During pregnancy, hypothyroidism condition may result in a developmental delay in the child.

• Treatment of hypothyroidism involves proper medication of thyroid hormone.

• The aim of hypothyroidism treatment in pregnancy is to maintain a thyroid hormone level within high normal range.

What causes hypothyroidism?

Following are the conditions that may cause or increase the risk of hypothyroidism:

1. Autoimmune disease: A disease of the immune system that makes your body attack your thyroid gland, results in hypothyroidism.

2. Low iodine levels: Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to perform well & make thyroid hormones. During pregnancy, low iodine levels increase the risk of development of hypothyroidism in the child.

3. Thyroid problems: Having a history of hypothyroidism or other thyroid problems such as swollen thyroid, lumps caused by infections, may increase your chance of hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism diet plan:

• Coconut Oil

• Seaweeds

• Sprouted Seeds

• Clean Water

• Wild-caught fish

Treatment of Hypothyroidism:

Out of the fundamental types of thyroid cancer treatment that a doctor recommends a patient based on the report of diagnosis, immunotherapy is effective in treating patients who have hypothyroidism. The rate of cancer recoveries through immunotherapy treatment is very quite.

For more information on immunotherapy, get in touch with the experienced consultants of Cancer Healer Center.

10 Jul, 2017
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