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Thyroid Cancer: 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For - Causes and Treatment

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Posted in: Thyroid Cancer by Dr. Tarang Krishna

Thyroid cancer is a rare cancer which is more prevalent in women than in men. It occurs when the cells of the thyroid gland grow uncontrollably to form tumours. The developments can be seen in the tissues of the neck, lymph nodes or the bloodstream. The most common types of thyroid cancer are papillary, follicular, anaplastic and medullary cancer. 

Causes of Thyroid Cancer - 

The exact cause of thyroid cancer is unknown. However, there are factors that may be associated with an increased risk of developing cancer. Some common causes that may lead to the development of the thyroid cancer. 
1. Excessive smoking
2. Iodine deficiency 
3. People with radiation exposure to the neck
4. Survivors of nuclear reactor accidents
5. Poorly controlled diabetes
Here are a few warning signs to watch out for -
1. Lump in the neck - The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck. But any lump that does not disappear in a few weeks must be checked. If thyroid cancer has spread to the nearby lymph nodes, the mass might be on the side of the neck where the lymph nodes are instead of in the front where the thyroid gland is. 
2. Difficulty in swallowing - As the mass grows, it can hinder with your ability to swallow. As with a lump, if it does not vanish in a few days and has persistent swelling, it is time to visit the doctor and get it checked. 
3. Change in the voice - The voice box is located right on the top of your thyroid. The changes to the gland can make you chronically hoarse. If the hoarseness continues to stay, visit a doctor. 
4. Trouble in Speaking, Eating and Breathing - These signs show up in advanced stages of cancer. They all require immediate medical attention. 
If you have any of these signs, talk to your doctor right away. 
Thyroid cancer treatment depends on the size and stage of the tumour. Some tumours are less than a centimeter while some may be large. After proper evaluation, you can team will discuss the thyroid cancer treatment options with you. While choosing a treatment, the main factors to be considered include the type and stage of the cancer. The treatment options for thyroid include - 
1. Surgery
2. Radioactive Iodine treatment
3. Thyroid hormone therapy
4. Chemotherapy
5. Targeted therapy
6. External Beam Radiation Therapy
Cancer Healer Therapy is one of the most promising thyroid cancer treatment by Cancer Healer Center. The therapy works by stimulating the body’s immune system to fight cancer and prevent it from happening again. The medicines also helps in showing improvement. The treatment is available for all kinds of cancer and can be used with other therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

About The Author

Dr. Tarang Krishna - Cancer Specialist

Dr. Tarang Krishna

Dr. Tarang Krishna, Director at Cancer Healer Center, is the perfect epitome of perseverance and dedication.

He has an impressive educational background to his credit. He completed his under-graduation in Medicine and Surgery from Pune, India and did his MD (Hom) from Agra University, India.Thesis on MD was on "Treatment of cancer" where he presented cases of almost 100 patients and the response of the medicines in the treatment of cancer. He then completed his Ph.d in Oncology from the United Kingdom and his thesis on the ‘Efficacy of Medicines in the Treatment of Cancer’ is greatly commemorated and honored.

He befittingly represents alternate medicine and has contributed significantly towards the development and research of immunotherapy.

Through his nationwide chain of “Cancer Healer Center” clinics he strives to offer superior cancer treatment, using immunotherapy.

14 Feb, 2018
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