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The CHC team is there to help you.

It can be very difficult coping with cancer, both practically and emotionally. But life doesn’t have to stop when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Those battling against cancer can recover and be fitter and healthier than they ever were. Cancer Healer Center is dedicated to improv the quality of life of cancer patients and strives to provide them and their loved ones with the best cure and customized treatment plan. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the center has branches in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Mumbai. The center also provides telephone consultation, online and face to face counselling, education, financial and co payment assistance which makes it easy for people who have trouble travelling.

Cancer Counselling:

The counselling program at the center is designed to help cancer patients and their family to respond to challenges and the allied emotions in a healthy way.Counselling can help sort out different types of problems that one faces when diagnosed with cancer. It can help the patients in several ways:

  • Learn ways to cope up with cancer and help overcome depression and anxiety
  • Deal with cancer symptoms and side effects like weakness and pain
  • Help explore personal and family issues
  • Tackle financial issues that result in distress

The counselling services are available for all cancer patients, their family members and friends. The CHC team has many years of experience working with cancer problems, both face to face and over the phone. And since it is confidential, one can be open about their issues.


At Cancer Healer Center, educating people about cancer is vital to everything we do. Along with excellent patient care and services, CHC offers ground breaking educational services. Majority of people are unaware about the health issues related to cancer and its treatment. Lack of proper information or skill needed to deal with the illness causes additional suffering to the patient and the caregivers. Cancer Healer Center aims to educate people on cancer related issues including: risk factors, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment options.

Financial and co-payment assistance:

The cost of the medical treatment is one of the top concerns one has when dealing with cancer. Cancer is an expensive disease. As bills and debt add up hastily, you may want to get financial help quickly. Cancer Healer Center provides excellent and affordable treatment options and services. Providing help and inspiring hope in those who are affected with cancer is the motto of the center.

*We provide online services to 140 countries across the world.

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