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Changes you experience with the advent of uterine cancer

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Posted in: Uterus Cancer by Dr. Tarang Krishna

Uterine is referred to as the womb from where a baby enters the world and Uterine Cancer is that which originates mainly from the tissues of the uterus. This kind of Cancer is also the most common type of Cancer found in women of developing countries. As a matter of fact, Uterine Cancer can also be referred to as cervical Cancer arising from the lower part of the uterus. Shaped similar to a pear, the top part of the uterus is called the Fundus, the middle section Corpus and the bottom is known as the Cervix. One of the primary functions of the uterus is to assist fetal development during pregnancy. Uterine Cancer can be defined as an abnormal malignant growth of Cancer cells in the lower tissue of the uterus. The most common occurrence of Uterine Cancer is found amongst women who are experiencing their menopausal period.

There are two kinds of Uterine Cancer namely:

1. Endometrial Cancer – is the kind of Cancer that begins and develops in the cell lining of the uterus.

2. Uterine Sarcoma- an unlikely kind of Uterine Cancer, that usually begins in the muscle or the other tissues of the uterus. This kind of Cancer makes for 2-4% of Uterine Cancers.

The diagnosis of Uterine Cancer is conducted through a pelvic examination, Pap test, Ultrasound and biopsy. The changes that you experience when you are diagnosed with Uterine Cancer are

• a feeling of sharp pain during urinating

• Having pain during sexual intercourse

• Having a lot of pain in the pelvic area

• Vaginal bleeding even post menopause

Advanced changes one experiences with Uterine Cancer is:

• There is pain in your legs and back

• Sudden loss of both weight and appetite

• Fatigue more than usual

• Having constipation

• Having a feeling of sickness or tiredness

Women, who are diagnosed with Uterine Cancer, experience the above mentioned symptoms. In India, there are many specialized hospitals that treat Uterine Cancer through the medium of surgery, radiation, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. In India the best option for treatment of Uterine Cancer involves a combination of both surgery and radiation therapy. There are various surgical procedures that can be implemented, depending upon the stage of the Uterine Cancer that has developed in a patient.

Cancer Healer Center is one such institution, where Uterine Cancer is treated with Immunotherapy. The teams of experts led by Dr. Tarang Krishna and envisioned by Late Dr. Hari Krishna have successfully given relief to Uterine Cancer patients with their class of medicines and Immunotherapy treatment, which has revolutionized the treatment of Uterine Cancer as well as other types of Cancer. There are many kinds of therapy that can be used for Uterine Cancer, but Immunotherapy’s ability to boost some parts of the individual’s immune system to fight with Cancer has brought about a welcoming change as well as the desired results.

About The Author

Dr. Tarang Krishna - Cancer Specialist

Dr. Tarang Krishna

Dr. Tarang Krishna, Director at Cancer Healer Center, is the perfect epitome of perseverance and dedication.

He has an impressive educational background to his credit. He completed his under-graduation in Medicine and Surgery from Pune, India and did his MD (Hom) from Agra University, India.Thesis on MD was on "Treatment of cancer" where he presented cases of almost 100 patients and the response of the medicines in the treatment of cancer. He then completed his Ph.d in Oncology from the United Kingdom and his thesis on the ‘Efficacy of Medicines in the Treatment of Cancer’ is greatly commemorated and honored.

He befittingly represents alternate medicine and has contributed significantly towards the development and research of immunotherapy.

Through his nationwide chain of “Cancer Healer Center” clinics he strives to offer superior cancer treatment, using immunotherapy.

10 Aug, 2017
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